McCain Excess

Gay Patriot (whose blog has closed down) on Twitter: “I don’t like an America that makes demigods out of our politicians.”

Especially shallow, class-less, vindictive Saint McCain.

So perfect that the crooked groper Biden eulogized him.

Via Gay Patriot

6 responses to “McCain Excess

  1. I’m looking for in his last instruction for the procession make a few laps around the White House as a last Photo Op.

  2. As usual, I loath to opine on US political scene, but the bile around the death of that man was a bit too much to bear (on both sides). After all, he was indeed a war hero, and what Trump said about him was disgusting.

  3. Ah Snoopy,
    McCain was a war hero and the rhetoric is too much, but I followed McCain for a long time and he had a petty streak in him which extended to his last instructions which was very unfortunate. His last week on Earth before he goes to the other side should have been better.

  4. Well, my point was only about his POW past. Naturally I don’t know enough about the politician he was.

  5. Snoopy,
    It’s understandable. As I said the rhetoric was a bit much.