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McCain Excess

Gay Patriot (whose blog has closed down) on Twitter: “I don’t like an America that makes demigods out of our politicians.”

Especially shallow, class-less, vindictive Saint McCain.

So perfect that the crooked groper Biden eulogized him.

Via Gay Patriot

Legal gay marriage is just the beginning

So says V the K at Gay Patriot who probably knows better than us heteros. Not that I have ever opposed gay marriage. Only coercing those who do to stop. But even they can practice a little fancy footwork to avoid it. Even the florists and bakers among them don’t need to be confrontational unless they want a fight.

There are many creative ways to ignore a law. Not all of them lead to arrest.

Ah, but if V the K is correct, things could get dicier faster now that the latest judicial Putsch of our robed rulers has forced the issue on everyone. Instead of letting each state decide, as you would think the much-ignored Constitution specifies. And he’s not raising the old wheeze about polygamy, but this:

  • Banning disagreement or criticisms of gay behavior through “anti-bullying” and “hate speech” legislation
  • Mandating school curricula to include “gay history” as well as museums and monuments to be demanded to gay heroes like Harry Hay, Larry Bruckner, and Harvey Milk
  • Forcing religious institutions to recognize gay marriages
  • Churches must be forced to perform gay marriages or lose tax exempt status. (Mosques, probably not)

If this is true, it will make the rebel flag fight look picayune by comparison. And it might get even weirder, because the Left is never happy for long.

UPDATE:  American College of Pediatrics: “[T]his is a tragic day for America’s children. The SCOTUS has just undermined the single greatest pro-child institution in the history of mankind: the natural family. Just as it did in the joint Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions, the SCOTUS has elevated and enshrined the wants of adults over the needs of children.”  Well, get over it. Our robed rulers ain’t done.

2nd Amendment follies

Here’s an idea from Gay Patriot that the Stupid Party or the much smarter Tea Party really should look into.

“…if the right approached gun rights the same way the left approaches abortion and gay marriage, they would demand that the state subsidize gun purchases and that businesses be forced to sell guns whether they wanted to or not.”

Works for me. About time those RINOs in Congress got around to being proactive about something besides their graft.

Never irritate those who handle your food

“It’s not about freedom of religion, it’s about freedom of association or just plain freedom, if you will. It is slavery to take property against one’s will or to demand labor against one’s will; and it doesn’t matter whether that will arises from a deeply held religious faith, personal standards, or mere contrariness.”

Via Gay Patriot & Sondrakistan

Obama don’t love nothin’ but Obama

And the Democrat media knows it very well and, being Democrats, they can’t stand anyone telling the truth about them and their party. Which is why they went ape over Rudy G.’s calling out Wormtongue’s obvious disdain for the country.

Which he has shown over and over again, in ways large and small, for six years now. And will once again this week when he directs his FCC to take over the Internet. ‘Cause nobody can run anything like him and his cronies. Or should.

Thank goodness Rudy had the guts to double down instead of playing the usual so-sorry-game. And let’s hope this is just the first salvo of many more to come between now and November ’16. The Republicans can’t win by ignoring the obvious.

UPDATE:  Joining Rudy in sanity for a change.

Peas meet pod: State of the Union and Oscars

“In Hollywood, people who can’t stand each other pretend to like each other. In Washington, people who like each other pretend they can’t stand each other. In both cases, the goal is to keep the public in the dark about what’s really going on.”

Via Gay Patriot

UPDATE:  Our one-trick pony president wants “more entitlements, taxes and unemployment” while setting the table for the Hildabeast in 2016. One of every six men unemployed ain’t enough for them.

As the WSJ puts it (behind a firewall): “The President has suddenly discovered that middle-class incomes have plunged on his watch, and he’s demanding that Congress address this with more of the same policies that have done so much to reduce middle-class incomes.”

This time a Republican congress may thwart him. May thwart him. Too many of them are just like him. There’s hope, however, in the likes of  Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa. The Democrat media already is trying to turn her into a joke.

Why We’re Getting So Many Californicators

“California is a de facto one-party state where no Republican, or even moderate Democrat, can win statewide office. Californians decided at some point that they wanted the worst business environment in the country, terrible public schools, massive waves of illegal immigrants, and job-crushing environmental regulations. And they have, accordingly, elected a one-party Government to deliver those things.”

And folks who don’t like it are leaving in droves. Many of them are coming here, another one-party state. Well, almost. The Democrats haven’t won a statewide Texas office in almost two decades.

Not that I mind. Not at all. Although I could do with fewer Californicators clogging our highways. I do appreciate the seller’s market they’ve helped make of Austin real estate, however.

Via Gay Patriot.