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Top 3 Concealed Carry 1st Gun Mistakes

Wallace Smedley


Based in part from the questions I get from my readers, and in part from conversations with people who have told me of their own mistakes, as well as those I made on the way here, I have decided to put together my list of the top three 1st carry gun mistakes people make. As guns are expensive, and buying one that is inappropriate for the task of concealed carry is hard for some people to correct, I hope this list will help people when they are about to make their first purchase of a concealed carry handgun.
Small Gun Fixation

One thing that people tend to give an excessive amount of focus on is in finding the tiniest gun possible for concealed carry. True enough, you can carry one of these dinky little semi-auto handguns in a pocket and no one will be aware. But you do need to…

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Do they still say Lady’s Gun?

Or purse gun, of about a .32 caliber, preferably in a revolver, so the lady in question doesn’t have to learn how to unjam a semi-auto. You might have a misfire but you just pull the trigger again to choose a new round and fire it.

Such is the conversation I’m having with an OCS chum who is a former prosecutor who prefers 9mm pistols. Bit too much recoil for the lady in question, unless you get an expensive one.

While I’m trying not to think about what may happen in a few months if the election results (in-person mixed with mail-in) are delayed by more than a week. Would we know the results by Xmas?

If it’s not close, they can’t cheat, is a truism that ought to energize both sides. If it is close, it may be months before we know the final result, and wonder whether we can trust it.

Bringing rifles to a protest/riot

There were five there in Austin Saturday night: one AK and four AR-15s.

Yeah, open carry and all that. If these characters clowns want a war, they’re gonna die in one. The AK already has.

Via PJMedia

One dead in Austin

Walking up to a strange car during an Austin protest/riot with a rifle in your hand is a deadly game. It turned out to be just that when the driver stuck a handgun out the window and shot the rifle toter several times. He died at the hospital.

His killing was prophetic.

UPDATE:  PJMedia doing great work. The toter was a white Air Force veteran engaged to be married to a black quadriplegic and carrying an AK-47 with a scope. For some people the Russian AK would be enough to set them off. But he reportedly pointed the rifle at the driver. Yep, that’ll get you shot.


How appropriate, on Independence Day, for the flyover of our warbirds. This time in the northeast, where the Revolution largely took place, but we got a few WW2 vintage warbirds if you were up at 8 a.m. Otherwise you could watch the replay on your phone.

I’m sure the pacifists greet these displays with disquiet. So does this old infantryman, knowing Trump hasn’t produced a new war yet nor does he aspire to, but thinking ahead, to some martial Dimocrat or Rino, how disquieting indeed could these bellicose displays become.

Would it be any better to see a few birds without bombs, say DC-10s and Boeing 747s, other than Air Force One?

Antifa arrested in Austin

For looting a Target in Capital Plaza off I-35. The three riot ninjas, two women and one man, are in their 20s, and apparently the first Antifa arrests since the President denounced the organization as domestic terrorists.

Now we’ll see how fast they get out of jail and how quickly the charges may be dropped. Unless the feds step in. After all burned and looted Minneapolis has disbanded (!) their police department and looted New York City may be next. Looted Los Angeles is cutting the funding of their cops. Could Austin be far behind?

As the Z Man says: “Look for every city to start competing with one another to see who can be the most woke in dismantling their police departments.”

Time to buy guns and ammunition. We may soon be on our own. No more calling 911.

Via Fox7 Austin

Rule 5: Girl with guns

I doubt she’ll be surrendering her firearms under a Beto-inspired (and Warren-backed) country-wide Dimocrat confiscation.