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Filled ‘er up

Up this morning to check Gas Buddy and found a Shell near us had gas, So filled my car up and then took Mrs. C.’s, which Mr. Boy drives, for a fill up. Felt good to be back in the modern world—for as long as it lasts.

Fear mongering

The anti-Trump poop is getting really deep here in Lefty-land Austin. But this is a new one.

Picked up Mr. B. tonight after his Spanish club meeting. Drove past his favorite burger joint, a local shop called Wally’s. There, on Wally’s digital sign in big green letters: Pray For Our Nation.

Mrs. C. and I did too good a job, I said, meaning our time at the daily with its dominant Democrat reporting narrative and editorial viewpoint. The Democrats of course, are in low dudgeon and high smear as usual when they lose.

But Pray For Our Nation? Preposterous.


White roses for the 1st anniversary of her passing


Anderson’s winning debate team

Mr. Boy is back to his school work, as a junior this year, with the added effort of Anderson High School’s speech and debate team. Had to buy him his first suit for this team’s competitions, which began last Saturday in the Lake Travis Classic at Lake Travis high school.

He and his partner won first in their division, Public Forum, arguing both sides of whether students should be allowed due process when school administrators decide to enter and inspect their lockers without their permission. The rest of the Anderson team also swept the field on their various topics and right into first place overall.

They’ll be at it again this weekend in Pflugerville. Mr. B. is sitting this one out because his partner is unavailable. As I understand it the team will be going at it just about every weekend for the rest of the semester but the participants will have to change their topics, and start over, every other month or so.

Somewhere Mrs. Charm is enjoying this, I’m sure, with the added advantage of being there.

Pyroceram versus stoneware

Globalization has changed many a once-famous American brand that is now made in China or Malaysia or even Vietnam to something less than its former grandeur. Cheaper, yes, but often not as good.

Corning Ware, however, took its hit back in the late ’90s when the company was bought out and its famous pyroceram cookware (made of the same stuff as rocket nosecones, the old ads said) was soon replaced with cheaper, and less resilient, stoneware. And made in China.

I discovered all this the other day when I dropped one of Mrs. Charm’s Corning Ware pyroceram casserole dishes taking it out of the dishwasher. It broke in half. Replacing it I soon discovered isn’t impossible but it takes more than a quick trip to the store. I went to three before giving up. All they had was the stoneware.

Old pyroceram Corning Ware is still sold, but only mainly in used versions. Amazon has them at new prices. The material is famous for not absorbing anything, hence a used casserole dish doesn’t carry any trace of the food that’s ever been cooked in it. Plus it can be swiftly moved from oven to freezer (or vice-versa) without coming apart—stoneware does absorb and it can’t stand rapid temperature changes.

If you have trouble believing that or anything else on this arcane subject, the above link is a great place to start. And the cooking blog below provides further illumination:

Via Cooking With Love.

UPDATE:  Corningware still sells the pyroceram product but in limited sizes.

Mrs. Charm’s new scholarship


Two months in the making, it’s official now. Mr. B. and I believe it’s important to work through our sorrow by honoring his mother in ways that help others. And the scholarship is a reminder that she also needed financial assistance to finish college. We plan to add to the endowment over the next few years to make the scholarship even more valuable to its recipients. They will be journalism undergraduates chosen by the university based on their need and merit.

Feds further restrict opioids

Tar and feathers are too good for these big government motherfuckers. Who are, quite simply, always on the lookout for new ways to justify their fat salaries and skinny efforts. While the pols are too busy thieving to help. Rope. Lamp post.

“You can bet that if the powers that be were in intractable pain they would figure out a way to get the opioids. I have a mother-in-law with spinal stenosis who was in so much pain last week that she was crying vigorously. She’s a stoic who has hardly ever cried in her entire life, but the pain was unbearable. We were able to get her fentanyl patches and the pain is reduced. However, the doctors are limited in what they can give her and it is quite scary.” —veryskeptic

“What’s it like for the kids when your mom is suffering excruciating pain because the doctor’s afraid to prescribe her enough medication to deal with the pain caused by cancer? When it seems to take an act of Congress to get a prescription for synthetic THC to deal with nausea brought on by the anti-cancer medication? When your mother starves to death because she can’t eat for the nausea and pain? And you have to watch her suffer and die because some bureaucrat was worried she might become addicted.” —Rob Crawford

Mrs. Charm was also a stoic and she was also in bad pain from her lymphoma cancer but in her case it was more a stubborn refusal to buck bad medical advice than government interference. When she finally did agree to take the pills and later the injections she died in relative peace.

My grandfather, however, died in excruciating pain because his spinal cancer occurred at a time (1935) when the bureaucrats were just starting to restrict the opioids that had, throughout his life, been available without a prescription.

Big government is not your friend. Whatever lying dipshits like Obama and Clinton say.

Via Instapundit.