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The Navy’s ultimate suckup

I have relatives who won’t like me saying this. But when it’s true, it’s true. Naming capital ships after living politicians is the ultimate suckup. Case in point: The USS George H.W. Bush. This is pathetic ass-kissing, whatever the stated reason.

Via Instapundit.

Women and children first?

Children, okay. But women? Why should they get in the front of the line? You can’t dump on the “dead white male” and expect his chivalry to continue.

It’s sexist, isn’t it? Singling women out in any other way is, so why should we be appalled that women weren’t ushered to the lifeboats first on that sinking Italian cruise ship? Let ‘er swim, I say.

Children, certainly. Up to, say, age 16. But let their fathers take them as well as their mothers. Or both at the same time. Then we can fight about why the dogs and cats and their childless masters and mistresses should be left behind altogether. Heh.

This just in from the Civil War…

The (apparently) world’s first combat submarine, which few alive today have ever seen. Now you can be one of them. You’d never have gotten me in that thing. I’m the descendant of  infantrymen. But I can’t help but admire the sailors who volunteered for the H.L. Hunley—and perished.

Missing sailing

The wind, the waves, the sails, the, uh, etc. Sometimes I miss the old boat.

A little history joke

“…in 1620, the Mayflower set sail for Virginia. As of this writing, she has still not reached her destination.”

Via Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine.

Ship of Tools

“A number of the organizing groups [for the latest Gaza Flotilla] are fronts for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, raising money and political support for these organizations and often controlled by them. In other words, revolutionary Islamists are using Western pacifists and leftists to achieve their own ends.”

Read it all.

Meanwhile, even an NYTimes’ reporter admits Gaza is doing very well, thank you. Just not very free if, for instance, you’re a woman who wants to drive a motorcycle. Hamas forbids it.

Elissa in drydock

Elissa-night-shotWhen it comes to boats, the work and the expense never ends. Especially when the boat is more than a century old and needs a whopping bottom job.