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No, it’s not snowing at the rancho. Just on my Civil War blogs Knoxville1863 and the 13thMississippi Infantry Regiment because the plug-in involved has no effect (without significant nanotech) on the actual weather (duh) and can’t be used here because I’m not using Version 3.0 or higher.

Or, so I thought. Seems I have misspoke.  Heh, I did it. Altho it’s hard to see on this white background. Happy snowfall, whenever it does appear. The kind you just watch, though it does accumulate at the bottom of the page if you don’t scroll up. At least you don’t have to shovel it.

U.S.S. Monitor

ussmonitorLovely old (very old) photo of the Monitor taken sometime after its fight with the Merrimack/Virginia in Hampton Roads in 1862. Latest photo at my new book blog, Knoxville 1863, which is coming along slowly. Moving a bit faster is my other new blog 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, focused on the historical artifacts and new interpretations of my great grandfather’s old outfit. Lots of work, three blogs, but lots of fun, too.


Rule 5: Alizee


Thank you, Miles Austin’s girlfriend

Whoever and wherever you are, you have my gratitude. I might not have any hits at all if it wasn’t your popularity with so many of my visitors. Not that I actually have anything for them to find out about you, but they come anyhow. Bless ’em. And you, too, of course.


It’s the Eighth Annual International Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA Day. Hamburger, I expect, will be on the menu at the rancho where we seldom miss an opportunity to mock a pretentious person or organization. Especially an obnoxious one like PETA, which so richly deserves all the ridicule it gets.

Not that we have anything against vegetarians. Just tell us how you’d like them prepared. Heh.

Rule 5

cindyc09Let’s face it folks. It can’t all be cub scouts and world-famous barn owls around here. Elsewise my diminished hit count from the recent switch from MT to WP will stay diminished. So, borrowing a hint (and the pix) from CG Hill in Oklahoma (not to mention TFG in San Antonio), here’s Rule 5 at work.

Russian spam

For some reason, most all of my comment spam caught by Akismet lately has been from Russia or at least been written in Russian. This is the least offensive one I’ve seen, though if I could read it I might not think so. Our onetime (long time ago, actually) Rooskie allies are coming up in the world, apparently.