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Scientific retractions, sometimes even fraud

Scientists, particularly climate scientists on the global warming, uh, scratch that, climate change, bandwagon, like to smugly point out that their brilliant conclusions are peer-reviewed. Which is supposed to make their critics drop to their knees in awe, shut up and crawl away.

Luckily, there’s Retraction Watch, a blog by two US science writers that’s pulling back the curtain on “peer-review,” by demonstrating again and again that even the most prestigious scientific journals screw up repeatedly, missing honest mistakes and even plain old fraud.

When some of these journals do discover fraud (often from their scientist readers rather than their scientist reviewers), in the form of, say, plagiarism, they do verbal acrobatics to avoid calling it what it is.

When some scientists with multiple retractions recently tried to censor the blog, its software provider WordPress, filed two lawsuits for them seeking damages. Way to go, WordPress!

Comment spam

This stuff is getting out of hand, at the rate of ten to fifteen a day around here.

In six months, since moving the Scribbler from Movable Type to WordPress, I’ve collected (and deleted) almost more than 10,000 examples. A fatal pox on all their pathetic, English-mangling houses!

Moving on up, to WordPress

Well, after fighting all day to get back into the blog’s working system, I have decided to make the big switch. Lord knows what it will do to the layout, not to mention the content. I expect it will be a bear. We shall see.

The problem is that Yahoo, the host, and Movable Type, the blog software, parted ways earlier this month, which meant that Yahoo would no longer support MT. I ignored it, figuring I could go my merry way with MT. Then I axed TypePad as the comment vetter and, suddenly, I couldn’t get back into MT to work my magic. Come to find out that TP owns MT. Good grief, how did I miss that? TP said they couldn’t help. MT tried to pass the buck to Yahoo. I kept pressing MT. It took six hours but they finally found a solution. I’ll be making the switch as soon as I can. More on that when it’s ready to go down.

Your comments

I’ve discovered that you have to log in twice to get through the Typepad comment system here before it will recognize you. The first time it rejects you. Persist. You will get in on the second try. I have no idea why this is so. I considered moving the blog to WordPress with Scott Chaffin’s help, but decided I had better things to do than fiddle with a whole new system.