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Ice Age

Cut warming CO2 in the atmosphere, get an Ice Age. Could happen. Watch the armadillos. Probably will with Lyin’ Biden in charge. If Brandon can figure out a way for Hunter to profit by it. With 10 percent for the Big Guy.

Merry Christmas

A very merry, merry to the observers of this day. It’s a sunny 78 in Austin with more warm weather to come until New Years. The climate hysterics will claim it’s global warming but we’ve had warm Christmases before, and besides, our human-gathered temperature records only go back about 170 years. Enjoy.

Weaponizing the weather

Those deadly long-path tornadoes that ripped through Kentucky were a 1 in 96 years occurrence, according to weather extraordinaire Joe Bastardi. But that didn’t stop Lyin’ Biden’s leftist EPA administrator from claiming they are our “new normal,” because of, doncha know, climate change.

Electric cars

That’s what Lyin’ Biden intends to force us all to buy by raising gasoline prices beyond what most people can afford. Trouble is the existing electric cars are either too expensive (Tesla goes for about $70,000); too mundane (the Chevy Bolt at $33,000) or a replacement battery costs almost as much as the car (The $27,000 Nissan Leaf can replace for about $15,000). Other than disliking being forced by lying politicians to do anything, I’m thinking it may be wiser to walk. Or ride a bicycle, like the rest of the world’s peasantry. Or continue working from home, for those who are able to do so.

When gas hits $10 a gallon

That’s when Lyin’ Biden’s friends and security better watch his back. He’s done it on purpose, canceling pipelines, and closing oil fields, to supposedly solve global warming. I doubt the climate will be impressed but widespread poverty (from gasoline and climbing electricity rates) leading to a full-on depression will definitely get people’s attention. Inflation is just the beginning, folks. Voters, even the millions of illegals Biden is bringing into the country to vote Dimocrat, won’t like the combination of rising prices and declining assets. Will the Dimocrat party ever recover?

Brandon’s unreliable energy

He’s planning wind farms offshore along most of the U.S. coastline. (But not his share of it nor off Cape Cod we bet). Wait’ll they freeze up and go offline, like they did in Texas back in February. It’s hard enought to maintain the ones on land, let alone in the ocean. Then he’ll see his party go down the tubes. Besides being stupid, FJB really likes to screw Americans in the name of climate change. As if he could stop it.

“I think they know the consequences for ordinary Americans will be bad. Their motivation is connected to The Great Reset, not to making Americans’ lives better. And what they are “pondering” is how bad the political backlash might be if they make this particular move at this time.”

Via PowerLine & The New Neo

The Wind Power Shuck


Barry and his party would have us believe they can tax coal power plants out of business and we’ll all get by on wind and solar power. Uh, huh. Except for people in the snow belt:

“Minnesota invested itself in alternative energy sources years ago, and so the revelation that the state spent $3.3 million on eleven wind turbines hardly qualifies as news. However, the fact that they don’t work in cold weather does.”

Well, the state can always sue the manufacturer. Hee. And Minnesotans can be thankful they still have coal-power electricity to keep them warm. So far, anyhow.

Via Hot Air.

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