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Common Sense

I like to read Andy at My Old RV, not only to find out what’s going on in the oil patch, but just to hear some good old fashioned common sense. Here he is on the Affordable (choke) Care Act:

“Miss K’s project of the week has been watching the disintegration of an American President.  She has taken it on herself to read the Affordable Care Act first hand just to see what we got goin’ on here for real since you can’t trust that Dianne Sawyer.  Brian Williams comes a tad closer to separating the fly shit from the pepper but he still doesn’t tell us all he knows. Miss K says there is plenty more stuff in that ACA that is gonna set everybody on their head and nobody is even talking about…..yet. I say flat out bold lying is fraud and that is an impeachable act.”

Yep. At least in a reality-based world that doesn’t give extra points for skin color and hair texture.