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Good news: Al Jiz is a fizz

“CNN averages 453,000 viewers, AJAM (Al Jazeera America) has 17,000 viewers. Those are just different levels of failure. [Fox averages 1.7 million.]

“The difference is that CNN still has an enormous amount of impact on the national political and social conversation. As long as that impact exists, the Left is going to fund CNN.

AJAM has no impact. None. Zip. Nada. The network’s stories get zero traction. Not a single story, video clip, factoid, or interview has ever penetrated the news cycle in any way. AJAM is the proverbial tree in a forest no one hears fall.”

Could be that’s why terrorist-supporting Qatar’s baby went blatantly pro-Hamas when Israel fought back against the rockets. Gotta get an audience somehow, even if it means taking off the mask.

Via Breitbart News’ John Nolte.