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The J-Word

This is a wonderful novel about the Jews of London, observant and secular, and their struggles with identity and anti-Jewish hostility  (“In every generation…”). Jack Silver, who thought he raised a secular like himself discovers otherwise and is charmingly transformed by a tradition-seeking grandchild. There is also the fractured, multicultural British welfare state and the delays, indifference and friction it inevitably produces. I was already smitten with author Andrew Sanger’s 4th edition of “Fodor’s Exploring Israel” (which is a visit all by itself) so I was not surprised to find he had such a good story in him and the talent to convey it with humor and substance. I can’t imagine how anyone could be anything but pleased with either volume. And in light of the probability that “The J-Word” will not be seconded for some time, I have begun reading it again.

UPDATE:  A good interview with the author on his intentions. And a nice link from him, as well. Thank you.