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Cornwall Cows

Cornwall cows.jpg

Or, as who should say, Longhorns’ Bevo in serious need of a haircut. Via Still Muttering.

Still Muttering (by herself)

Another interesting Normblog profile, this time on NYC grandmother-of-three Ann Ulanov, a former rare reader I seldom see or hear from around these parts anymore. I would join the crowd and add a comment to her link to it, but I can never get her comment system to work, even though it’s TypePad which is supposed to be the same as mine but isn’t for some reason. My own is balky enough.

If I could comment I would say, "Ah ha, you work in software. That explains why you change the layout of your blog so often." I also see how well-read and educated she is, which makes me doubly happy that she still touts my book Leaving The Alamo on her front-page sidebar. Though she’s never said nor have I figured out why she considers it non-fiction. No matter. I hope she enjoyed it.