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Why unemployment is 10+ percent

It’s the uncertainty, stupid! The uncertainty of what our anti-business president and his yahoo party will do next. Whose taxes they will raise and so forth. In such a climate would you risk increasing your payroll? Duh.

UPDATE:  Indeed, when the Democrats discover (as if they didn’t know it all along) that taxing the rich won’t pay the freight for their programs, they’ll put the taxes on business and the middle class. They always do it, and the voters never seem to learn how this shell game works until it’s too late.

Our 401Ks will tank again

Thanks a heap, Mr. President. You and your anti-business party are really tops at prolonging this recession. My 401K pension was almost back to where it was before last year’s big plunge. Then you had to go and take swipes at the banking industry and Wall Street while your tax plans remain uncertain. Now our 401ks are headed for the cellar again. And you wonder why you’re losing independent voters. Duh.

Via Instapundit.