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Colder than a Dallas woman’s heart

We have a thin covering of ice and snow at the rancho where it’s 22 degrees F.

Austin’s deep freeze

A second night of temps falling into the teens ahead, after having not gotten out of the mid-twenties all day. The elephant ears at the rancho have turned black and fallen on the ground, just like last year. Likewise the plumbago and the turk’s cap.

They’ll all grow back, they always have before. At least we’re not facing this blizzardification happening elsewhere, though the link is in Wisconsin, where they actually have radiators (and probably need them). But there are snow flurries in our forecast for Thursday night into Friday morning. Then, true to form, warming into the fifties on Saturday and Sunday. Come on, spring!

Those damn deer

I feel like a curmudgeon chasing children off the lawn when I yell or clap my hands to get four or five white-tailed deer off the front lawn. But, in addition to their poop, which accumulates, they are stupid enough to try to jump through a window as they did here. Our local pols, of course, are worthless. They have long refused to buck the Bambi/Greens crowd and do anything to get the deer out of the neighborhood.

Plenty of rain overnight—and almost inside

The strange thing is that TS Hermine, which was forecast to be no more than a depression by the time it swept through Austin was, instead, still a storm. Consequently, we got a lot of rain, and 40 mph winds, and some area creeks are out of their banks, some trees are down and some places are flooded.

More than seven inches of rain at the rancho, so far, with ponding in the back forty, and some threat to the interior of the house which has been overcome  with a makeshift dam and towels to soak up what got through. KVUE’s Mark Murray forecasts that Hermine-the-depression will be well north of us by sunrise, with only lingering showers to spoil Mr. B.’s morning recess at school. So he won”t be happy.

No PC name means slower sales

Shootout, Gunfight, Ammunition and Shotgun are street names that, at least in South Austin, hinder home sales. That’s according to a publicity-minded Austin realtor’s unscientific (but persuasive) research. Could be unique to Austin (the San Francisco of Texas) or else that the neighborhood in question isn’t all that desirable to begin with.

Via Dustbury.

Texas Capitol

ten_commandmentsThe fabled Ten Commandments monument on the Texas Capitol lawn that has, since its erection in 1961, periodically driven atheists and the ACLU mad. Heh.

Nandina in the snow


This was taken a few weeks ago. But I figured if I didn’t run it soon, it’d really look silly when the daytime temps are in the 80s everyday, instead of just occasionally as they are now. This snowfall was a rare event for us.