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Cedar fever

I’m dyin’ and I ain’t lyin’. Thursday’s juniper (also called mountain cedar) pollen count was the highest of the season, according to KVUE, which makes daily pollen counts.

Seems like it’s been going on forever but it’s only been about two weeks. Pity of it is, the only sure cure for this allergy is to move elsewhere. Wish I could. But it’ll be over soon.

UPDATE:  Or, maybe not. Friday saw the highest juniper pollen count in seven years, KVUE reported. It’s supposed to rain Saturday afternoon into the evening. It better, or I may just decide to lay down and die.

Plenty of rain overnight—and almost inside

The strange thing is that TS Hermine, which was forecast to be no more than a depression by the time it swept through Austin was, instead, still a storm. Consequently, we got a lot of rain, and 40 mph winds, and some area creeks are out of their banks, some trees are down and some places are flooded.

More than seven inches of rain at the rancho, so far, with ponding in the back forty, and some threat to the interior of the house which has been overcome  with a makeshift dam and towels to soak up what got through. KVUE’s Mark Murray forecasts that Hermine-the-depression will be well north of us by sunrise, with only lingering showers to spoil Mr. B.’s morning recess at school. So he won”t be happy.

Memorably hot summer

It was a blistering hot one and, officially, as KVUE’s Mary Murray says, the hottest on record. But the hottest on record isn’t very impressive when you consider that the record only goes back to 1856. I’ll bet it’s been this bad and worse some other summers in the past few billion years. Of course there’s nobody able to contradict me on that.

Rain ahead…

Well, a reasonable chance for some tomorrow night, anyhow, which will feel good after today’s hundred degree heat (it’s 100 in the city at the moment). But the real chances, according to the federal Climate Prediction Center begin in October and last through April of next year. Thanks to the anticipated return of El Nino, they’re forecasting precip to be above normal for that period. After two years of dry, that would be sweet.

Via KVUE’s Mark Murray.

Cedar anomaly

KVUE’s pollen count for cedar/juniper is way low, just 100 grains per cubic meter of air. So why am I as stuffed up as I was when the count was in the thousands? Maybe the rancho needs a good cleaning.

Lake lowering. Then not.

Lake Travis dropping very slowly at this hour, down to 693.63, with four floodgates staying open. Five feet lower than forecast for this afternoon, and nothing obvious on the LCRA automated guages site to change it. KVUE’s radar shows plenty of rain across the area, and more coming in, but little of the red and yellow variety. Plus it’s moving faster than Wednesday morning. The meteorologists have a word for the red and yellow blob that pulled up almost stationary over Marble Falls yesterday that I hadn’t encountered until the other day. In keeping with the age of terrorism, I suppose. They call it a precipitation "bomb."

UPDATE  Within an hour, the lake was rising slowly again. Lots of rain falling in upstream Lake LBJ and being passed down to Travis. By 3:30 p.m., it was up to 694.5.

Ice scrapers on Easter?

Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi is pretty much saying Central Texans should get out their ice scrapers for what could be an ice storm of sorts on Easter Sunday. KVUE’s Mark Murray emails that he isn’t so sure:

"I don’t know exactly what to make of this cold air coming in for the weekend…But, models do have a VERY hard time with this time of the year.  They work best in the middle of winter and the middle of summer…[Today’s] forecast will be a good one!"

UPDATE  Early forecasts say the ice and snow (!) will stay north of the Austin area. It’ll just be cold.