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Plenty of rain overnight—and almost inside

The strange thing is that TS Hermine, which was forecast to be no more than a depression by the time it swept through Austin was, instead, still a storm. Consequently, we got a lot of rain, and 40 mph winds, and some area creeks are out of their banks, some trees are down and some places are flooded.

More than seven inches of rain at the rancho, so far, with ponding in the back forty, and some threat to the interior of the house which has been overcome  with a makeshift dam and towels to soak up what got through. KVUE’s Mark Murray forecasts that Hermine-the-depression will be well north of us by sunrise, with only lingering showers to spoil Mr. B.’s morning recess at school. So he won”t be happy.

Rain ahead…

Well, a reasonable chance for some tomorrow night, anyhow, which will feel good after today’s hundred degree heat (it’s 100 in the city at the moment). But the real chances, according to the federal Climate Prediction Center begin in October and last through April of next year. Thanks to the anticipated return of El Nino, they’re forecasting precip to be above normal for that period. After two years of dry, that would be sweet.

Via KVUE’s Mark Murray.

No green on TV

Asked what he learned from his visit to the KVUE television station Monday night with the rest of the Tiger Cubs, Mr. Boy said, "You can’t wear green on TV." Chief meteorologist Mark Murray was our host, showing off and explaining the station’s newsroom, studio and the weather forecasting center. They use a green screen background wall for superimposing electronic maps, radar and other images, and Mark had a handy green sheet to demonstrate how wrapping oneself in it below the neck could make your body disappear on the tube. He was pretty calm, when faced with seventeen raucous first graders, for someone who has no children of his own. When we got home, Mr. B. spent an hour or so making up his Valentines for class tomorrow, before going off to bed.

El Nino part 2

Rain is coming down hard at times at the Rancho with already four inches in some spots across the city, and a flash flood warning and a tornado watch until 2 p.m. It’s ponding on the walks in the back yard. Mark Murray, KVUE meteorologist, says in today’s paper that this is "a typical El Nino autumn weather pattern" and the radar shows plenty of yellow and some red, the colors of storm intensity. After more than a year of drought we can sure use the rain. But I am reminded of the rain in the Shenandoah Valley last week, which was steady instead of coming in bursts like our climate gets. I heard the valley’s apple crop was losing out this year to Japan, free trade the old timers could not have imagined.