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Battleship Texas Centennial

On March 12, the Battleship Texas will be a hundred years from her commissioning date in 1914. The state parks department is planning a musical tribute to her three days later from noon to 10 p.m. at her mooring off the Houston Ship Channel near the San Jacinto Battleground.

One month later, the Texas will begin at least $17.5 million in repairs, mainly to her corroded hull, which has sprung so many leaks that the last of the old Dreadnoughts can’t be moved to dry dock as she was back in 1988, the last time extensive hull repairs were made.

That was the last time I ventured through her cramped corridors, onto her bridge and down ladders to her old radar room amidships, the whole smelling of age and the brackish water that surrounds her. The foundation that runs the ancient weapon as a tourist attraction hopes to raise a lot more money for more extensive repairs, but the awful Democrat economy isn’t the best time for it.



Another view of the Battleship Texas, in its landlocked parks’ berth east of Houston.