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Has the drought returned?

Daytime highs are running 3.2 to 9.2 degrees above normal, the summer’s unusual rain has stopped, and it all looks to continue hot and dry for at least another week. So says LCRA meteorologist Bob Rose who blames a persistent area of high pressure, which would have been more appropriate in the summer but never materialized for long back then. He also blames a strengthening La Nina, which usually means a dry fall and winter for us. More here. It’s not a permalink. LCRA doesn’t seem to believe in them. But it should stay good through the weekend.

Rain ahead

But the LCRA’s Bob Rose says not to worry about the tropical wave crossing the Yucatan:

"This system could experience some limited tropical development as it moves over the Bay of Campeche on Thursday.The system will have little effect on our region as it moves inland over Mexico on Friday. An area of clouds and showers is located about 900 miles east of the Windward Islands in the central Atlantic. This system has some potential to develop into a tropical depression over the next couple of days. Another area of clouds and showers is flaring up off the coast of the southeastern US. [It] is drifting south and also shows some potential for development over the next couple of days."

Meanwhile, he does expect a weak cold front sagging into Centex to stall and increase our rain chances tomorrow through the weekend. I’m still hoping to get in a sail on Friday morning, but not at the risk of covering the sails wet.

UPDATE:  It came a little early, the rain. Storms all around us, with lightning and thunder. Gotta go.

Green comet

Lower Colorado River Authority meteorologist Bob Rose notes this at spaceweather.com:

"Grab your binoculars. Pretty green Comet Linear VZ13 is gliding through the constellation Draco this week. It’s too dim for the unaided eye, [but some say a 7X35 binocular will do just fine]. To find [VZ13] go outside after sunset and face north; the comet lies just a few star hops from Polaris."

It helps to be high enough to see the horizon. A finder map here which is dated the 10th but should be helpful through tomorrow night. 

Wet weekend

The sunken car in Tulsa might not look so strange around here by Monday. The weather service is calling for likely rain, possibly heavy, tonight, Saturday and Sunday. Looks like our wet spring isn’t over yet. We have had some big floods in June. Are we about to repeat? Just spotty green amoebas on the radar so far. Can’t last. They’ve been wrong before, but not this wrong. Bob Rose has more.

Adios drought

With more rain moving in to the Austin area tomorrow through Saturday morning, some folks are saying the Central Texas drought which began in October, 2005, is almost over. And the LCRA’s Bob Rose says our outlook is for near-normal rain for spring and at or above normal for the summer. Meanwhile, we’re already 7 inches above average for 2007. Lake Travis, meanwhile, is still rising.

Clouds streaming overhead

Wind from the southeast at about 15 mph is bringing in lots of moisture in clouds off the Gulf of Mexico, while a low pressure system out west is sucking in Pacific moisture and clouds from off the Baja Penninsula. Clouds just flowing across the rancho tonight, from the southeast, and it’s still 70 degrees. Not much rain expected, tho, until the low moves east on Saturday and Sunday, and then as it will only skirt us, just a moderate inch or so. Would be nice to have several inches, but it isn’t to be, apparently. Following Bob Rose’s forecast on Tuesday rather nicely.

Rain chances diminishing

LCRA’s chief meteorologist Bob Rose says another mini- drought-breaker like we had about nine days ago isn’t in the cards, just more humidity and a light rain later this week followed by a bit more this weekend thanks to a Pacific cold front combined with a low pressure trough out of New Mexico:

"Rain amounts Saturday through Sunday will be a little heavier, generally in the range of 0.5 to 1 inch, with isolated heavier totals.  As of now, however, I’m not seeing the development of a heavy rain event.   High temperatures both days will be in the middle 70s"

At least we’re going to get nice spring weather the next couple of weeks, highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s. And with the perennials greening up and the antique roses budding out, it should be even nicer.