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The problem with ebooks…

Mainly, it’s the price. But there’s also the problem of reading them on Shabbat. No loop-holes. Whereas there’s no problem there with books. Donald Sensing’s analysis here is timely for me, considering my own previous consideration. I’ve just about decided to ask for a new digital camera, instead. I’ve been borrowing Mrs. Charm’s ever since I managed to destroy my old one.

The better present


Here at the rancho, we believe in splitting the difference, so Mr. B. will be getting both computer games and books. Merry Christmas, rare readers, and to all a good night!

Harry Potter theme park

Suddenly, my mental powers are growing, growing. I can predict the future of where we will be going in a few years. I see, yes, it’s Florida taking shape out there in the mists of time. Especially since Mr. Boy recently finished the second HP game for the PC, the Chamber of Secrets by defeating the Basilisk, and has moved on to the third one, the Prisoner of Azkaban. Even limited to an hour a day, which he sometimes succeeds in pushing to 90 minutes, he’s had a lot of fun with the games. Also the books. We are reading the Half-Blood Prince nightly for the second time, and awaiting the last book due July 21 or thereabouts. Someday the theme park will come and now I know where we’ll be, too.

Mr. Boy

Mom is finishing up the tubby and it’s almost time for my nightly installment of "The Fellowship of the Ring" for a rapt six-year-old who is not jaded after Power Rangers, Yu Gi Oh, Star Wars and more. In fact, he was rapt for "Treasure Island," "The Chronicles of Narnia," and "The Hobbit." So the first book of the trilogy, while waxing a trifle lush at times with the images, nevertheless is a hit.

Attercop, attercop, old tomnonny!

UPDATE But first there was a hunt for Miss Ellie, the tattered stuffed elephant who is Mr. Boy’s spirit animal, as it were. He will often ask me to put her away when a friend of his comes to play, but he still can’t sleep without her.