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The Christian Hallows

The Christian motifs of Book 7 in the Harry Potter series are pretty obvious, from Harry’s willing sacrifice of himself to save the world, and his afterlife way-station conversation with the spirit of Dumbledore (Just because it’s only in your head, Harry, doesn’t mean it isn’t real), notwithstanding his decision to return to life to defeat the evil Tom Riddle. Other interesting thoughts on these scenes are here, thanks to No Left Turns, and here at the Sword of Gryffindor and also LaShawn Barber. I was surprised by the intensity of the ideas in Book 7, but had to admit that much of the Potter books have, all along, mirrored Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, whose authors were serious Christians. I am not a Christian at all, but nevertheless find all three series inspiring in our, often oppressively, secular age.

Potter trivia

The most common beginning of a sentence in the Harry Potter series? My nominee: "Harry, Ron and Hermione," etc. What do you bet author J.K. Rowling has those words plugged into her word processor to save time?

Goblet of No-install

Mr. Boy has had a lot of fun playing the Harry Potter PC games by EA Games. But we finally hit a big snag. We can’t load/install the fourth game, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. Tried several times, but no go. It hangs on the second disk. Thought registering might help. It didn’t. New install programs always tell you to shut down all programs running in the background, but that would take some time, even to find all the little housekeeping stuff Windows XP has going and turn it off. Wasn’t necessary with the first three games. I suppose that’s the next, logical step, however. You’d think… Well, maybe not.

UPDATE  Finally, on July 9, we got it to install, by following EA Games’ advice to pull all the files off the disks and double-click autorun.exe. It worked! Now all that needs overcoming is the commnands, which are different from the other three Potter games. Why do you imagine? 

Harry Potter theme park

Suddenly, my mental powers are growing, growing. I can predict the future of where we will be going in a few years. I see, yes, it’s Florida taking shape out there in the mists of time. Especially since Mr. Boy recently finished the second HP game for the PC, the Chamber of Secrets by defeating the Basilisk, and has moved on to the third one, the Prisoner of Azkaban. Even limited to an hour a day, which he sometimes succeeds in pushing to 90 minutes, he’s had a lot of fun with the games. Also the books. We are reading the Half-Blood Prince nightly for the second time, and awaiting the last book due July 21 or thereabouts. Someday the theme park will come and now I know where we’ll be, too.


Shocking, but true. I actually failed to post something for 24 hours, or thereabouts. But Mr. Boy and I were preoccupied Tuesday. He got to watch a morning video, followed in early afternoon by an hour’s worth of a Harry Potter computer game, while I mowed the lawn. Then I took him to the dentist (still no cavities), and up to the elementary school ball field to play catch. After about 45 minutes we came home so I could fix supper and he could watch another video. Mom got home a little later than planned, but there was still time for stories, as always. All-in-all, it was a reasonably satisfying day of retired parenting. And so it will continue, I hope, until day camp begins on Monday. Then I’ll start sailing in the morning while he’s gone.

Here’s something I filched from this site, with whose headline on this page I entirely agree, though I’m not sure about the rest of the content:

"This Entire Web Site Was Produced Totally From 100% Recycled Electrons. Absolutely No Protons or Neu[t]rons Were Used Nor Were Any Wild Pixels Harmed In Its Manufacture."

So true. 

Peeves: “Potter, you rotter”

While we wait for the July 21 release of the new Harry Potter book, which Mr. B. and I have already ordered from Amazon and therefore hope to get a little bit earlier, there’s several fan sites to peruse, including La Shawn Barber’s look through Christian eyes. She also offers other non-theological links such as Sword of Gryffindor here.

Dumbledore and Gandalf

Mr. Boy and I have decided, having finished the Harry Potter books the same week as we saw the third installment of the Lord of the Rings movie, that Dumbledore, like Gandalf, will probably return to life more powerful than before–in the seventh book in the series due out this summer. Indeed, Mr. B. points out a similarity between Frodo and Harry. They both are marked, Harry with the forehead thunderbolt, and Frodo with the shoulder wound from the Nazgul. Both ache when the enemy is near.