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Colt McCoy, making Longhorns look good

If there was a way to watch the Cleveland Browns-New England Patriots game, I couldn’t find it. Thank goodness for ESPN’s Gamecast and Twitter. Or I wouldn’t know how good Colt did in a 33-14 beatdown of the Patriots. He’s making the 2010 stinker Horns look good, if only for what they had vs what they’ve got.

Come home, Colt

No chance of that, of course, but we can wish. He won his second NFL start against (yipes) the defending champions New Orleans Saints. And he’s already the cautious talk of Cleveland fans and sportswriters:

“McCoy did exactly what was asked of him on Sunday by not turning the ball over and showing the same moxie that he showed a week earlier in Pittsburgh. What McCoy does is make you curious about what he can do next.”

Yep. We saw plenty of that and we sure do miss it. If Colt can just stay uninjured, he’ll go on making us all wish he was still eligible to be a Longhorn.

Good goin’, Colt

Even the Austin locals were joking all week about how the Browns better have the ambulance ready when McCoy started his NFL career against the Steelers. Well, he was sacked five times, and blitzed by the Steelers’ bad-boy Harrison.

And he threw two interceptions. But he impressed most who saw him, with his 23 for 33, 281 yards and one TD, even if the Browns, as expected, lost the game. I still think he’s injury-prone, but time will tell on that one.