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Cue the candles and flowers

We could make an industry out of these silent vigils as the Manchester massacres increase. Or we could get our shit together, if only among ourselves and our tribes.

“If we are to prevent a new medievalism finding the right balance between an open society and maintaining loyalty and allegiance is necessary.  It is a difficult task under any circumstances.  But rarely has anyone failed more dismally at it than the leaders of our multi-culti world.  By stigmatizing calls for reasonable loyalty as bigotry they have climbed out on a limb and sawed themselves off; by their dogmatic insistence on mindless inclusion they’ve foreclosed all attempts to bring things back to even keel.  They have reduced themselves to the level of hapless bystanders, unable to either prevent or explain an onslaught they themselves — were they honest enough to admit it — should have foreseen.”

So while they cower behind their paid security, we need to get concealed carry licenses, factor in range time to our busy schedules and budgets and be ready to act.

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Rule 5: Texas Tan Line


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Austin’s burgeoning Jewish choices

The black hats—or penguins if you want to be rude—are the ultra-Orthodox of Judaism, mostly found these days in New York and Jerusalem. But a growing number can be seen daily in our hilly neighborhood on the eastern slope of Austin’s northwest plateau. They’re the surface indications of a growing Jewish population and, therefore, Jewish choices hereabouts.

There’s the proximity to the Dell Jewish Community Center half a mile or so up the road from the rancho. It mainly offers a variety of secular, reform, and conservative services. All of which many of the Haredim lump with pagans and gentiles. Although there is at least one orthodox congregation there and an orthodox  Chabad-Lubbavitch center a mile or so farther north, as well as the student one a few miles down to the southeast of the neighborhood at the University of Texas.

The kosher meat market tucked into a corner of our local H.E.B is a nicety. And, who knows, the diamond merchants amongst whom the Haredim are said to be proliferating might like to congregate. Confirmed for me by a gentile friend hereabouts who is also in the diamond trade. An unassuming fellow devoid of identifying costume except for his diamond pinky ring and the small, belt-holstered 9mm whose outlines are occasionally visible under his shirt. Hard to imagine the Haredim going armed—they’d need a concealed-carry permit from the state of course—but their permanent choice of black suit jackets would provide appropriate concealment.

Whatever the draw for Jews and their burgeoning choices hereabouts, I find the black hats comforting. I see them every Shabbat escorting their long-skirted, hair-covered wives and young children in their Saturday best, all walking in the general direction of the community center and back home again to the rental duplexes on a street a few blocks east of the rancho. But I have always been among the god obsessed, even in our seemingly secular age.

Of private security and concealed carry

I don’t expect the Jihadis to show up in Texas anytime soon. I’m sure they prefer the liberal environments of New York, Massachusetts and California with wall-to-wall, unarmed sheep who will ease their planning, arming and execution of mass killings for the glory of their blood-thirsty deity.

Down here, even in liberal Austin, they’re much more likely to encounter an informed and attentive gunner. For instance, the parents of one of Mr. B.’s best friends. They both carry concealed semi-automatic pistols. He’s a diamond merchant who often has the gems on his person and she, well, I’ve never asked but I presume she just feels more secure going about with a pocket pistol similar to this Ruger LCP which is fully reviewed here.

They’re one of the few couples we know who don’t have a private security system sign in the front flower bed of their home. Obviously they don’t need one. Most of us have them, even if we also have loaded firearms in the house. We count on the fact that the average criminal is a lazy bumbler without the imagination to figure out whether the sign announces a real security system or is a sign-only one.

As Wretchard says private security will be even more of a growth industry now after the Boston massacre. If for no other reason, there are lots of refugee Chechens living in the U.S. now and who knows how many pray five times a day? Unless you see their wives covered from head to toe in black ninja suits, you wouldn’t.

Just in case, I do think I will try to find one of the signs that CNN’s resident anti-gunner Piers Morgan has on his lawn. The words “armed response security systems” are so much more threatening than what we have now.

Empty holsters

These students have had it paying for and attending classes in a free-fire zone. But I doubt the Dems would agree.

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Adios Second Amendment

One more reason Barry will lose Texas, et al: He opposes laws allowing you to carry a concealed handgun. More on his unequivocal, but hardly rational, belief in free-fire zones.

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Fighting back

I’m not one of the 250,000 or so Texans licensed to carry a concealed handgun, but I definitely support the law that allows it and the law moving through the Legislature to protect their privacy by closing the license records to the curious. But I’m not sure the answer to the monster Cho and other psychos is more carrying. You’d first have to get schools, government offices and most businesses here and elsewhere to take down the signs at their entrances banning firearms on their premises, which of course only stops the law-abiding. A simpler approach would be to recognize that passivity in the face of the Chos has to end. High school and college students must be at least minimally trained to resist, as the Burleson school district south of Fort Worth is doing. One person with a gun could have stopped Cho, but three bold young men–or women, for that matter–with minimal training could have disarmed him.