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Baby Chop Shop Stays In Business

No matter how vile its practices, Preventing Parenthood (more accurately known as the Baby Chop Shop) will stay in business thanks to the usual Democrats and their cowardly Republican allies. There really is no difference between the political parties as presently constituted and no point in voting for either one.

They are, as a famous Republican conservative, once called them: Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. For those who have read their Alice In Wonderland. Or, at least, seen the cartoon. Unless, of course, you really do like the political status quo. No wonder outsiders Trump, Carson and Carly are so popular with potential voters.

Those cowardly Republicans

“Democrat seeking re-election urges IRS to get tougher on non-profit political groups.” Or something like that. The headline of a piece I saw browsing the Web but didn’t click on.

Didn’t need to. Not hard to figure out. The IRS is doing the bidding of the administration and their party, thanks to the indifference of the Democrat-oriented snooze media.

And the cowardly Republican Party. Gad, I’m fed up with those clowns. Cowardly or corrupt, take your pick. Either way they are sitting on their hands. Dropping the ball on Benghazi was bad enough. Allowing the damned IRS to be a political enforcer is insane.

Via Instapundit.