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Fozzy’s dilemma

If college football were honest (and the Penn State 10-year child-rape coverup is just one more proof that it isn’t), then injured Texas running back Fozzy Whittaker’s future wouldn’t be so questionable. As Cobb says:

“College football is big business and the kids should get their share, but they don’t. When the NCAA jumps on the case of this or that star athlete getting money, they are ridiculously hypocritical. Any first year law student could figure out a more equitable business plan that pays student athletes in trust.”

Fozzy could have a fat trust account waiting for him by now, which would make his busted knee, acquired in indentured servitude to the NCAA, less of a dilemma.

Million-dollar Texas coach Mack Brown agreed that Fozzy hasn’t gotten a fair reward from the university, but that he will heal and eventually play on Sundays, implying that his servitude is okay because some day he’ll get the big pro bucks. But he (and all the others who aren’t as good) really ought to have the money already waiting for them. They’ve earned it.