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Day 83: The Gulf Coast Held Hostage

To a cut-no-slack federal bureaucracy overseen by a feckless president who’d rather golf, have “date nights” and throw White House parties. Whom Big Media has allowed to say nothing about the oil spill since June 22. What, isn’t New Orleans at risk, too? Isn’t that Big Media’s favorite place? Oh, that was just when Bush was president. Yeah. He isn’t now so it’s okay that federal response is stuck on stupid.

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Hurricanes a’comin’

By the end of the week, we could have the first one entering the Gulf of Mexico, says Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi. The western Caribbean sure is warm enough. Where will it head after that? Somewhere from northern Florida west around the coast to Tampico.

Unfortunately for the Texas coast, hurricanes spin counterclockwise which might bring some of the oil spill to our beaches, relieving the northern coast beaches that have gotten it so far. Might just disperse it. Or not. We’ll have to wait and see. But JB is calling for three storms to hit the spill.

Three reasons why Barry should kick his own ass

Nevermind his latest “I’m really tough” speech. This quick clip from Reason.tv makes sense to me. It’s been a fed oil spill all along, unlike Hurricane Katrina, the last disaster in the Gulf.

Leadership for America

Miles of oil containment boom is waiting for use in the Gulf of Mexico, but the feds? Not interested. (Wait’ll the first hurricane. That’ll motivate ’em.)

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UPDATE:  Barry is rapidly tarnishing his own image, and not just in the oil spill, but by his weakling postures on this or that, his radical choices, and his alienated-from-the-rest-of-us nature. Meanwhile, the primaries show a resurgence of Reps. Hurry, Barry, not much time left to enact your radical agenda.

Port Aransas

PortA2With any luck, the beaches at Port A should be safe from the BP oil spill, unless there’s a big Gulf hurricane next month to drive it west to us.