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Israel’s King Kong army

Inevitably, in Israel, the army is not immune from criticism, though it usually only comes when the fighting is over. This was written back during the first 72-hour cease fire:

“It’s a King Kong of an army — big and cumbersome; every move unintentionally knocks down a house, bridge or UN school in Gaza” according to an analysis in Haaretz, and it continues….

“Instead of managing the war wisely, with commando units operating behind enemy lines, ruses, ambushes and traps as in the old days, the IDF now unloads one-ton bombs on buildings in an effort to hit the command headquarters below. But the commanders in the tunnels survive without a scratch. And of course the building collapses, burying civilians.

“It’s also hard to understand how the army went into Gaza with antique armored personnel carriers when IDF warehouses have excellent newer models, and why it takes two weeks to figure out that it doesn’t make sense to put staging areas within range of mortar shells, costing many lives in the process…

“This happens because the top brass employs all its skills and strategies to lobby for a budget. It’s constantly demanding more money and is always short of funds, even if by every measure it has a huge budget — bigger than that of all the surrounding Arab countries.”

Unfortunately the rest of the piece is behind a firewall, but the conclusion is that the IDF needs more commandoes, stealth, and finesse instead of these King Kong tactics.  If they ever expect to whip Hamas, that is, without laying waste to Gaza in the process.

Ynet columnist Michael Bar-Zohar agrees, saying, the IDF has lost its creativity.

Via Haaretz & Ynet News.

Obama nonsense

Wormtongue (a notorious liar) says (among the many, many, many things he says) he wants to end the Israeli siege of Gaza’s terrorists and let them have their own seaport and own international airport. That makes him either a useful idiot for the jihadis or a scumbag who wants them to destroy Israel.

Fortunately, even Haaretz, Israel’s New York Times (i.e. so leftist it avoids walking too heavily on its right foot) publishes at least one columnist who is quite blunt (although diplomatic) in his disagreement.

“….we must not reach any agreement with Gaza,” says former IDF intelligence operative Mordechai Kedar, “What can bring quiet to Gaza is only fear based on the sure knowledge that any provocation – and it doesn’t matter which organization does that provocation – will be answered with a non-proportionate response.

“The idea of removing the sea blockade should not even be broached and certainly not the thought of an airport. Israel can continue to sell Gaza food, water, medicines, gasoline and electricity to prevent a humanitarian tragedy there.”

Wormtongue isn’t even mentioned, which is probably as much diplomacy as he and his latest crop of ridiculous notions deserve.

The IDF’s beleagured boys


Hard enough to fight a war against Islamic terrorism in July-August and in the Gazan desert. But especially for the IDF’s beleagured  boys. The enemy is not only trying to kill them but to capture them for bargaining chips.

“Every Hamas squad that ventured into Israeli territory through underground tunnels to carry out an attack was accompanied by a second squad with orders to capture, armed with anesthetics, syringes and handcuffs.”

May the Guardian of Israel bless them all, the living and the fallen.

Via Haaretz.

UPDATE:  Two touching funerals stand for all of the fallen.

Defend, don’t invade

As much as I support the Israeli bombing response to Palestinian rocket attacks, I hope the IDF follows Haaretz’s logic and avoids a ground invasion. Not for the enemy’s sake but for the sake of the young soldiers of the IDF. Certainly, nothing besides full-scale war is likely to stop the rockets permanently. And such war is impossible of success as long as Israel’s munitions come from the West which has a Leftist news media and its own interests in keeping the oil ticks happy. Even if we became energy independent, those interests (and the media) would remain. So periodic bombing to make the rocketing expensive, followed by more diplomacy, is probably the best that can be achieved.

UPDATE:  Indeed, Hamas’ strategy relies on counting on its client media telling it like it isn’t.  Uh oh, IDF has called up the reserves.