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The real baby killers

“There was Elad, lying on a small throw rug wearing socks. His little hands were clenched into fists. What was a four-year-old to do against two grown men with knives? He clenched his fists. So did his big brother.”

Their helpless newborn sister was decapitated.

In Gaza, adult Palestinians danced and handed out candies to celebrate the psychotic murders.

The baby killers “…can expect to have a sports stadium or school in Ramallah or Hebron built for them by the Palestinian Authority and underwritten by American or European taxpayers.”

Next week, Obamalot and the New York Times will demand the Israelis continue trying to make peace with these animals.

Infanticide gets death penalty?

Only reason for the question mark is that the subject is abortion which, as we all know, must be performed freely, even up to the third trimester, lest minority women be forced to use rusty coat hangers in back alleys.

As for the accused, we could use scissors to snip their spines, but that would be, uh, cruel and unusual punishment, right? Wasn’t for the born-alive babies.

What really is no surprise is that this “Women’s Medical Society” operated for forty years under the noses of the health bureaucrats without apprehension. Obviously, our taxes were hard at work. We’re in the best of hands.

Mr. Infanticide

Barry could be criticized for many examples of poor judgement, such as his racist, radical and terrorist associates. But one thing stands out above all the others.

Instead of smearing Sarah for her anti-abortion stand–which she has never made a part of her politics–Barry’s cheerleaders should grill him on the most obnoxious vote of his days in the Illinois legislature: to deny children who survive abortions basic medical care.

MORE: Instead, the WaPo frontpages another, old story about Cindy McCain’s onetime drug problems, and joins the propagandists at ABC in whacking Sarah over another misquote, this time a remark on Iraq. Clearly, they have no shame when it comes to trying to elect Barry.