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Lake Travis’s better days


A familiar view, from my sailing days, coming out of Cypress Creek Arm into the main basin. Heading west. Lake’s much lower than this now, but it’ll come back. It always has, AGW and other doomsday predictions to the contrary notwithstanding.


We’re off to Inks Lake State Park today for an overnight campout with the Cub Scouts–mainly an excuse for Mr. B. and his pals to run wild whilst Mom and I sit and read. Warm day/cool night forecast. We’ll watch them swim in the probably frigid, 800-acre lake, one of the smallest in the Highland Lakes chain west of Austin. Well, I will, that’s for sure.

UPDATE:  Mr. B. got to swim, and learned to fish, and rode in a canoe for the first time. He slept like the baby he no longer is and came home exhilarated. Dad and Mom came home exhausted. Even an air mattress is no substitute for a real bed. 

Lakes filling

LCRA site shows Lake Travis has risen about 12 inches since last night’s rain, as flow rates rise in the Llano and Pedernales rivers. Indeed:

"Inflows from overnight rains are slowly filling the Highland Lakes. Flood operations are not anticipated at this time. However the chances of flood operations this weekend have become more likely as the lakes fill."

They’ll start later this afternoon with hydrogeneration at Mansfield Dam, and likely stick with that if the predicted more rain in the watershed doesn’t start driving the level up too fast. Opening flood gates always seems to be the last resort, given it’s a reservoir, and opening too many can flood people living along Lake Austin farther downstream. Those folks are sure to be watching LCRA’s balancing act.