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Iran pushing troops to Israel border

While Barry and Lurch dither, in their fantasy of turning Iran from foe to friend, the Iranian mullahs are massing more than 100,000 troops on the Syrian Golan, Israel’s northeastern border.

“In deploying directly on Israel’s border, Iran has effectively become a country neighboring Israel, despite being geographically distant, while Syria and Lebanon have become components in a broader Iran-led regional resistance entity bordering Israel.”

Never mind a future Iranian nuclear threat, there’s a conventional one right now.


Baby Barry was a Muslim

Some say the presidential election will turn on the economy. Some say on national security. Alan Sullivan, the Seablogger, says it will turn on faith, since there is evidence that Baby Barry is hiding (indeed, denying) another blockbuster. He grew up a Muslim, says his own half-brother. BB’s Indonesian stepfather, while not particularly observant, when he did go to mosque on Fridays, took his stepson with him. Now BB claims he’s a Christian, though of the Black Liberation Theology variety, which has about as much to do with Jesus as the Nation of Islam. So, as Alan concludes, in all probability, BB really is an atheist, or at best an agnostic. Although the Muslims consider him theirs, despite his apostasy. Should it matter? It surely will to some American voters. But I wouldn’t vote for him, anyhow–too inexperienced, too lefty, and way too dishonest.

Via Fresh Bilge.

UPDATE:  Rick Moran at Pajamas says all this is a smear. It’s complicated, that’s for sure, but I’m not persuaded by his "evidence," which is accompanied by numerous insults for anyone who doesn’t agree with him–except for one cite of ABC’s Jake Tapper’s demonstration that BB’s half-brother’s remarks were misinterpreted by the Jerusalem Post. That looks conclusive. But I still think Daniel Pipes’ analysis (linked above) is persuasive. Moreover, BB has demonstrably prevaricated about so many other things in his background that I see no reason to trust his denials on this one. FWIW, Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi thinks BB is still a Muslim. Heh.

Tales from the Koran

You know, that book that occasionally gets flushed. Allegedly gets flushed. Well, it makes steam…

"If a person replaces most of the water in his body with Koranic water, his body begins to emit steam which contains the Koran. This creates a halo of steam around him, containing the Koran, which fends off Satan."

Holy steam, Batman. (Translated from Dubai TV, via MEMRI and Mick Hartley.) You can’t make this stuff up.

Slip of the lip

"[Iranian foreign minister] Manouchehr Mottaki: We emphasize the peaceful nature of our nuclear weapons… I mean… of our nuclear power plant"

Worth a read. Via Simply Jews.

The other faces of Iraq

"Iraq has its other face, a face of life and a degree of normalcy. This other face of Iraq is reflected in a series of pictures published by Halim Salman in his two monthly magazines published in London."


Celebrating 9/11 (really)

You can imagine the grins, the glee and the laughter. No, you really can’t. You have to see (and read) the Arab and Iranian reaction to 9/11, the convoluted conspiracy theories, and the denial, as compiled in a new documentary and transcript by the translators at MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute. You have to see it to believe it.

The executioner’s sword

Interview with an official Saudi executioner by a Lebanese television station, translated by MEMRI.

First TV host: "Do you cut off hands, or do you just do beheadings?"

Abdallah Al-Bishi: "Yes, yes. I carry out the punishment of cutting off thieves’ hands, as well as the cutting off of a hand and a leg on alternate sides, as is written in the Koran."

Second TV host: "Abdallah, when you carry out the punishment of cutting off limbs, do you anesthetize the condemned person, or is it done without anesthesia, like beheadings?"

Abdallah Al-Bishi: "With regard to the cutting off of a hand, or of both a hand and a leg, it is done with local anesthesia only."

Second TV host: "But the person who is being beheaded is definitely not anesthetized, right?"

Abdallah Al-Bishi: "No, he is not anesthetized at all."