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Why Felonia belongs in jail

Michael Barone sums it up rather well in this recent piece in the Washington Examiner, a newspaper that does the journalistic job the WaPo will not.

“According to polls, more than 60 percent of Americans believe Clinton is not honest or trustworthy. The FBI interview notes [released Sept 2] provide further convincing evidence that she is a liar and a cheat. The kid gloves treatment she got from the FBI — no recordings, allowing aide and co-conspirator Cheryl Mills in the interview — confirm the impression, created by the intended-to-be-secret meeting of Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch days before, that the fix was in. So does the fact that Clinton and her aides in court-ordered interviews claimed loss of memory 378 times.”

Sounds like the FBI director and Attorney General should join the Hildabeast in stripes. But, of course, they won’t. Our federal government is sadly corrupt.

Texas: Economic engine of North America

“If you draw a triangle whose points are Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, enclosing Austin, you’ve just drawn a map of the economic and jobs engine of North America.

Texas prospers not just because of oil and gas, but thanks to a diversified and sophisticated economy. It has attracted large numbers of both immigrants and domestic migrants for a quarter-century. One in 12 Americans lives there.”

Via Instapundit.

Fighting the Wahhabis

For all who ever said we shouldn’t be in Iraq but should be fighting Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism, their facist offshoot of Islam, Stephen Schwartz, Muslim convert, bestselling author and Washington consultant, has some news. He says the Saudi religious faction that drives al Q could be losing its grip on the  kingdom and Islamofacism:

"Many leading clerics and intellectuals among Sunni Muslims indicate that King Abdullah has effectively told the Wahhabis that they will no longer receive official subsidies, and must end their violent jihad around the world. The greatest impact of this development may be seen in Iraq, but Wahhabis everywhere have begun to worry about their future. In a totalitarian system like Wahhabism, the weakest links snap first. And the beginning of the end for them may now be visible in the Muslim Balkans."

Worth a read. Via Michael Barone in US News & World Report.