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From one black man to another

A real black professor calls out the phony black professor who can’t tell the truth even with a teleprompter:

“When Barack Obama squanders his own credibility with his glib lies, he is not just injuring himself during his time in office. He is inflicting a lasting wound on the country as a whole.”

A wound that’s getting deeper all the time, as Barry’s “Justice” Department ignores the IRS scandal, he gets newspapermen and rodeo clowns fired, his pals in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood have destroyed 54 Christian churches and monasteries, some of them ancient, he has secretly eliminated U.S. aid to Egypt’s military, and polls show less than half of Americans trust him anymore.

He’s Nixon with a sun tan. Unfortunately, the court media isn’t likely to push him to resign. And the GOP doesn’t have the cajones to impeach him.

UPDATE:  Barry’s strange love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood. What do you want to bet he’s not even embarrassed now?

MORE:  What would we do without MEMRI: A Muslim Brother speaks out: Egyptian Gen. Al-Sisi is Jewish! Morsi’s ouster is a Zionist plot!

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Nazi past

You have to wonder how much history President Wormtongue studied between hits of Choom back in his shadowy youth in an elite Hawaiian prep school before Affirmative Action began further greasing his collegiate wheels in California, New York and Massachusetts.

For instance there’s the Nazi connection to the Muslim Brotherhood he thinks so much of and its blatant anti-Semitic agenda—only coincidentally, I’m sure, also found in today’s Hamas charter.

From the Volokh Conspiracy:

“The Brotherhood’s campaign used not only Nazi-like patterns of action and slogans but also German funding. As the historian Brynjar Lia recounts in his monograph on the Brotherhood, ‘Documents seized in the flat of Wilhelm Stellbogen, the Director of the German News Agency affiliated to the German Legation in Cairo, show that prior to October 1939 the Muslim Brothers received subsidies from this organization.

“Stellbogen was instrumental in transferring these funds to the Brothers…coordinated by Hajj Amin al-Husseini and some of his Palestinian contacts in Cairo.'”

On this subject, though, Barry probably is innocent by reason of laziness. He’s far too self-satisfied to do any actual research before embarking on his Islamist-lovin’ policies, or anything else, for that matter.

Meanwhile, back at the Oval Office:  “Leaders of groups identified by the federal government as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood are given top seating for presidential speeches and are welcomed into the Oval Office to offer their advice prior to presidential trips to the Middle East.”

Gee, do you suppose this might have had something to with the Democrat IRS audits of pro-Israel charities?

Training the jaws that will bite you

Joey Hairplugs’ pathetic vice presidential “debate” performance the other night was useful in at least one way, as Sultan Knish shows.

Joey let slip that the Pentagon is aiding and training Syria’s Islamist rebels. You know, the Muslim Brotherhood. Again. Oh goody. And I’m sure they will deny everything when the Brotherhood decides to attack Israel and/or us.

UPDATE:  Indeed, it seems we have been arming them, through Benghazi, Libya, and the slain American ambassador may been involved.

Can we impeach Obama now? Part II

And while we’re at it, impeach that clown act of a secretary of state.

She (or he, or both) put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Ambassador Stevens’ security. Was it stupidity or treason? Let’s try the bastards and find out.

UPDATE:  GOP senators ask SecState for Ambassador Stevens’ cables. What do you bet she won’t give them up?

Bring it on

Spengler, at least, is ready and waiting for an Israeli bombing attack on Iran. He thinks regional war is inevitable and it might as well begin sooner than later in response to an Israeli attack.

Of course, he has the luxury of not sitting at ground zero. Or does he?

“An Israeli strike on Iran that achieved even limited success — a two-year delay in Iran’s nuclear weapons development — would arrest America’s precipitous decline as a superpower.”

I doubt the decline would continue if Obama is defeated in November. If he is re-elected, a two year delay wouldn’t be long enough. But regional war, Spengler (David P. Goldman) says, would resolve these looming problems:

  • A nuclear-armed Iran;
  • Iraq’s continued drift towards alliance with Iran;
  • An overtly hostile regime in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood government will lean on jihadist elements to divert attention from the country’s economic collapse;
  • An Egyptian war with Libya for oil and with Sudan for water;
  • A radical Sunni regime controlling most of Syria, facing off an Iran-allied Alawistan ensconced in the coastal mountains;
  • A de facto or de jure Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Kingdom of Jordan.

    Rather daunting list there. Only problem I can see is that wars (and their results) are always unpredictable. The new arrangement could be worse.

    But neoconservatism, the moderate alternative between appeasement and war, certainly seems to be dead. Obama has tried appeasement and gotten a dead ambassador and trashed embassies. Being an ideologue, he may try more appeasement. But Spengler is right. War is inevitable.

    The crucifixions begin

    Hey, don’t blame Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. They’re just fundies who follow the rules and crucifixions for Christians and other infidels are required by the Koran. You could look it up.

    Course you could blame Obozo for being a moron for pulling the rug from under Mubarak, calling the Brotherhood moderates and backing their takeover of Egypt. But he can’t help it, any more than Biden can restrain himself. Unless, of course, maybe Old Slow Joey has got a plan. Ya think?

    Via Drudge and Instapundit.

    Reasons to side with Egypt’s dictator

    “There are reasons not to expect Egypt to turn into a moderate, stable, and democratic state: There are few forces favoring this outcome; the rebellion has no organization; Egypt doesn’t have the resources to raise living standards and distribute wealth; extremist ideologies are deeply held and widely spread.”

    A takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood, or some other extreme Islamist group, would not be pretty.

    Not only would war with Israel be the likely result (with an Egyptian air force flying American-provided F-16s) but a new world spot for stonings, beheadings, and religious ranting and threats. A new seat of terrorist training and dispatch to the West.

    UPDATE:  On the other hand, there already do seem to be some exceptions.