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The federal vulture prepares to swoop

The squirrely phrase “net neutrality” means different things to different people. It’s about as opaque a concept as there is. So, on the surface, the looming federal takeover of the Internet set to befall the world on Feb. 26 to protect “net neutrality” isn’t transparent at all. Until you do a little digging and discover that under the terms of its White House-approved 332-page plan the FCC will be outlawing any practice of any ISP anywhere that the agency decides is “unjust.”

Initially, as some contend, it will be about the size of the pipe, not the stuff that flows through it. But switching attention from the pipe to the quality of the flow will be a simple matter of redefining “unjust.” For instance, an ISP could be fined for “unjustly” hosting a blog or other site the FCC deems inaccurate or unfair. And there are plenty its White House master already doesn’t like, such as Drudge.

The current FCC regime “may promise forbearance,” concludes the Wall Street Journal, “but watch out, because that’s not how government works. The nature of bureaucracies is to grab power and expand it. Once the FCC assumes the authority to set ‘rates, terms and conditions’ across the online economy, expect a political land rush. The Beltway struggle for advantage will be so intense and the stakes so high…”

As our favorite Texas senator, Ted Cruz, says (in additon to his superb video mockery of our finally transparently-dishonest president) “…five unelected bureaucrats [are going to] regulate and control every aspect of the Internet….”

There’s even a side motive coming from leftist Democrats who want the old liberal alphabet news media (MSNBC & cBS, etc.) to regain the dominance they’ve lost to the Net and its many conservative and libertarian voices.

So, twenty years after the Web arose from the GUI (the graphical user interface) and launched the freest communications and business marketplace the world has ever seen—vibrant and profitable for all concerned—the federal vulture is going to swoop down and rend it.

And, not incidentally, set its talons for a broad censorship of ideas and opinions the Democrats and their mendacious president don’t like.

Via WSJ.

Obamacare for the Internet

Our good Texas senator Ted Cruz hopped right on Wormtongue’s latest “progressive” assault on capitalism and free enterprise: asking the FCC to declare the Internet a public utility.

Remember the old monopoly phone company? That was a public utility. It was highly regulated. Just like the Worm wishes he could do to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. He’ll settle for Drudge.

As Ted brilliantly sums it: “The Internet should not operate at the speed of government.” Hopefully with a Republican congress it won’t. At least for a while longer. Until the inevitable tide of graft overwhelms the, ahem, principaled pols and their cronies at the FCC.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  “Net neutrality” and public-utility style regulation are about Internet freedom, just not the way advocates think….The threat to Internet freedom is government control. That means that if you care about liberty, you should oppose Net neutrality…” 

FCC sticks its big nose into the Internet’s tent

It’s always the conservatives who the liberal news and entertainment media portray as being repressive. But it’s usually the liberals who want to pass more laws to regulate more things to their liking. Hence the new Democrat FCC’s new venture, which is certain to eventually go well beyond this apparently benign first move. The Electronic Frontier Foundation rightly fears a future power grab.

MORE: Worth remembering that the Democrat’s FTC already has its nose in the tent trying to regulate bloggers.