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Rare good sense at the Dictator’s Club

The Human Rights Council of the Dictator’s Club (aka the United Nations) is a bitter joke dominated by countries that support terrorism. It’s main target is Israel. So naturally they’re working overtime at the moment.

UN Watch is at best a thorn in the council’s diseased flesh. Nevertheless, the Watch’s executive director Hillel Neuer is a man who knows how to give a speech. Don’t fail to notice the eyerolling of the clown in the foreground.

Neuer deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for promoting the common sense required to ensure real peace in the world. Instead it will undoubtedly go to our own idiot Lurch working feverishly these days trying to save Hamas from the IDF.

Via Simply Jews.

Lurch insulted, boo hoo

Our clown secretary of state, owner of a “lucky hat” he allegedly acquired in Cambodia (one of Jean Fraud Kerry’s more imaginative lies), got told off in colorful terms the other day by Israel’s defense minister Moshe Yaalon:

“Secretary of State John Kerry,” Yaalon reportedly said, “… who operates from an incomprehensible obsession and a sense of messianism — can’t teach me anything about the conflict with the Palestinians…The only thing that might save us is if John Kerry wins the Nobel Prize and leaves us be.”

It would be remarkable if Lurch could teach anyone about anything, knowing as little as he does about much of anything except gaming the system to go home from Vietnam early, catsup and yachting. But the clown posse in Washington demanded that Yaalon apologize and that Bibi, the PM, denounce his minister for, uh, telling the truth.

Yaalon, bless his heart, made a classic non-apology apology if Lurch “was offended by words.” No words yet from Bibi. Crybaby Lurch, meanwhile, is still in hot pursuit of a meaningless “agreement” between the Israelis and the Palestinians that will ensure his Nobel Peace Prize. And why not? They gave one to Wormtongue just for getting elected. They even gave one to Arafat, the world’s oldest terrorist, for, what? Oh, yeah, for shaking hands with another Israeli PM.

By all means they should give one to Lurch for getting his feelings hurt.

Via Althouse.

ObamaCare II: The nuke deal with Iran

The question is what happens after all this leads to Wormtongue winning his second Nobel Peace Prize? Which apparently was his aim all along, unless you buy the old he’s-a-closet-Muslim idea. In which case, why is he screwing the Saudis and other Sunnis?

It’s for sure his stated aim of slowing (if not stopping) Iran’s nuke building has no more truth to it than his promise that you would keep your insurance under Obamacare.

“According to the New York Times, about as pro-Obama a publication as you can get outside of a Chicago Democratic Party newsletter, the current agreement will retard the Iranian [build-a-nuke] program only about one month.

“One month? For this we give them oodles of desperately needed cash — seven billion on the face of it but some suggest that’s floating up to twenty….

“The Iranians came to the table because of sanctions. We are now lifting them… We are also ratifying the hellacious Islamic regime of the mullahs that oppresses women, murders homosexuals and imprisons and tortures all those who oppose it. Forget human rights. What are they? America (really Obama in this instance) just wants a deal.”

Hey, that Peace Prize is no small thing. It will look so nice up on the wall with the rest of Wormtongue’s presidential trophies. I wonder if his henchthing Lurch will get to share it? Won’t Teresa be proud?

Well, until old sourpuss Harry Reid spoils the fun: Wormtongue’s political party isn’t falling into step yet.

Barry’s nobel violates the Constitution

I’d seen this argument before but not including the Constitution’s full text:

Article I, Section 9, of the Constitution, the emolument clause, clearly stipulates: "And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State." 

Nor is the money his to give away. Barry thus can’t legally accept either, especially since they were intended to influence his future actions. Course his party is in control of Congress, so they could consent for him if they want to.

What has Barry done? Plenty

But he hasn’t done anything, they gasped, after the news that the president known in his youth as Barry Dunham had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Ah, but he has, he has, and Charles Krauthammer lists a bunch of them:

"…paying up U.N. dues, renewing actions on various wholly vacuous universalist declarations and agreements, and joining such Orwellian U.N. bodies as the Human Rights Council…indicted his own country for arrogance, for dismissiveness and derisiveness (toward Europe), for maltreatment of natives, for torture, for Hiroshima, for Guantánamo, for unilateralism, and for insufficient respect for the Muslim world."

Not to mention such actions as:

"Unilateral abrogation of our missile-defense arrangements with Poland and the Czech Republic…Indecision on Afghanistan…a determination to end the [Iraq] war according to rigid timetables…"

So you see, Barry has done quite a lot. You may not like it (I don’t) but the list is long and the Nobel committee, those acolytes of luminaries such as Arafat, Carter and Gore think it’s just peachy-keen.

UPDATE: Well, as I see in the LATimes that, technically, "the Nobel nominations were due by Feb. 1, the 12th day of the new Obama administration. By which time the new president had barely promised to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within one year, an absolute deadline now absolutely hopeless." Still, if they’d been disappointed by what transpired, I’m sure they could have revoked it. It’s their committee, after all.

Bad Gorbot

Hurricane Katrina supposedly was the clincher in the notion that global warming is caused by nefarious human greed. But, two years later and with nothing like it to have come again, the most famous hurricane-forecasting meteorologist, William Grey, blames the salt content of the oceans. He says Al Gore and the Nobel peace prize committee are doing a disservice to humanity for saying otherwise. Grey believes the climate will swing to global cooling soon enough. It’s been said–I forget by who–that Gore et al are only pushing this phony apocalypse to give the Dems something to run on since, as much as they dislike Bush’s Iraq policy, they know in their hearts that they very likely would have been forced by events to do exactly the same thing–and, for the good of the country, they’d better not interfere with it too much.

Devalued prize

Face it, we knew the Nobel Peace Prize was worthless when lifetime terrorist Yasser Arafat got it for pretending to call off his bully boys. It was further demonstrated when clueless, anti-Semitic Jimmah Carter got one for marching to Europe’s anti-American drum. Now that Al "Big Electric Bill" Gore has one, yawn, for a lying propaganda film of pure political correctness, we can all go back to sleep.

MORE: Gore-the-bore could be even a worse choice than Carter or Arafat were, courtesy of Fresh Bilge.