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Obamacare: A Stalinist invasion

Camille Paglia, an art historian whose name is familiar, though I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by her, calls Obamacare “a Stalinist invasion,” principally because it will be enforced by legions of new IRS agents.

Ms. Paglia, whose very interesting rant on the subject begins near the 12 minute mark on this good interview of her by Instapundit Glenn Reynolds, says she is a Democrat who voted for Obama (like a lot of people in 2008) because she thought he was a moderate who would improve race relations.

Instead, as she puts it, he is a statist and possibly the most divisive racial figure in American history (Trayvon, the thug son he never had, remember?) who deserves to lose. In fact, she wants the Democrat party “shattered” and rebuilt because it is the home of effete liberals who have no notion of how the working class they pretend to champion actually lives and who only wish to pile on more and more government regulations to make all of our lives smaller. While they roll in the dough from our taxes. Vote Romney!

UPDATE: Not enough of us did, vote Romney, I mean. So we’ll have to get ready for our new, higher taxes and much longer times waiting for a doctor’s appointment. At least we’ll have free contraceptives. Gosh, what a deal.