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School science project experiments

Whew. The six experiments for Mr. B.’s school science project took four hours. Not counting an hour’s worth of breaks, one of them a trip to the grocery for more supplies.

I hesitate to explain the thing until it’s turned in later this month and the grade is given. Who knows whether the competition might pass through. By then I will be able to post one of the pictures we took in documenting everything and the conclusions we drew.  Said conclusions remaining to be drawn, of course. The data collection was exhausting enough. We continue with the analysis tomorrow and Monday.

I will say that the experiments didn’t turn out the way we expected, probably partly because our methodology wasn’t very precise. Which is one reason I doubt AGW, because of what I’ve read of their methodology, it, too, is far from precise.

Missed the Ole Miss-OK State game, of course. Sorry State was shelacked, 21-7. Maybe it’s as well I missed it. To my Mississippi relatives who follow Ole Miss, congratulations!

Alas that gives the Big 12 a 3-3 record in bowls so far. Hope Tech wins tonight and, of course, Texas next Thursday to make the record a winning one.

Cotton Bowl-bound

The first time I saw Jeven Snead in person was when Mr. Boy’s cub scout troop was invited to a Longhorns football practice back in 2006. Snead looked taller than Colt McCoy, to whom JS seemed doomed to play backup forever, and I got the feeling that, in line with the rumors of the time, he wouldn’t be satisfied with that for long. So I was not surprised when he jumped ship for Ole Miss. Nor, given his high school performance in Stephenville, that he’s done well there.