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Better look out Missouri

The Texas-Texas Tech game this morning was supposed to be close. It wasn’t. Texas ran over Tech 52-20. Literally, since Texas was almost entirely about rushing. They didn’t punt once all game.

This new Texas team of many freshmen starters is getting scarier by the week. Missouri (which Baylor beat today) is next on the Longhorn hit list. Will they suffer a Tech-similar experience? Sure looks that way.

UPDATE:  Scratch that. With their three best running backs injured and their QBs under- or overthrowing their receivers, Texas had no chance to win. Only their good defense kept the score low, at 17-5.

School science project experiments

Whew. The six experiments for Mr. B.’s school science project took four hours. Not counting an hour’s worth of breaks, one of them a trip to the grocery for more supplies.

I hesitate to explain the thing until it’s turned in later this month and the grade is given. Who knows whether the competition might pass through. By then I will be able to post one of the pictures we took in documenting everything and the conclusions we drew.  Said conclusions remaining to be drawn, of course. The data collection was exhausting enough. We continue with the analysis tomorrow and Monday.

I will say that the experiments didn’t turn out the way we expected, probably partly because our methodology wasn’t very precise. Which is one reason I doubt AGW, because of what I’ve read of their methodology, it, too, is far from precise.

Missed the Ole Miss-OK State game, of course. Sorry State was shelacked, 21-7. Maybe it’s as well I missed it. To my Mississippi relatives who follow Ole Miss, congratulations!

Alas that gives the Big 12 a 3-3 record in bowls so far. Hope Tech wins tonight and, of course, Texas next Thursday to make the record a winning one.

The pirate walks the plank

Something tells me we’ve seen the last of Mike "The Pirate" Leach. The flamboyant lawyer-coach, whose QBs put up high-flying numbers but never seem to make it in the NFL, claims to have a doctor’s okay for making that player stand in a closet for two hours. Hardly matters that the player had a mild concussion or that his daddy is a big shot television talking head. Punitive "coaching" doesn’t sell anywhere. Not even on the High Plains. At least not when you get caught. Adios, coach.

UPDATE:  Indeed, he sued and the university fired him. No surprises here. Said Chancellor Kent Hance on ESPN: "When you sue your boss, it’s not going to turn out well." Heh.

Texas 34, Texas Tech 24

Not the prettiest Texas win I ever saw, but it will have to do. Tech, as always, was a tough customer. The Leach bomber squadron’s new QB Taylor Potts is almost as good as Graham Harrell was last year. Fortunately for Texas, Potts does not have WR Michael Crabtree. Colt looked pretty shaky for most of the game. Turns out he was sick earlier in the week. He certainly showed no sign of a serious Heisman campaign, but we have a long way to go yet. The defense, however, played great. RB Tre’ Newton was fun to watch.

Tech vs OK

The barbar said the other day that, try as he might, he couldn’t bring himself to root for the Sooners under any circumstances, not even in their game tomorrow night against the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

An Okie win, the conventional wisdom has it, is the only chance the Longhorns have left to make it into the national championship game–possibly against Florida after the Gators whoop Alabama. But, it seems to me, there’s just as big a chance that a victorious Oklahoma would then vault over Texas in the BCS poll, leaving the Longhorns about where they are now, at No. 3, or even a bit lower. So I don’t know what to do, other than to watch the game and hope for the best by Sunday evening when the poll comes out. My inclination, like the barbar’s, would be to cheer for any Texas team against Oklahoma, but maybe not. We’ll see.

Texas No. 4

For once I can’t argue with the BCS computers, which only dropped Texas to No. 4. I could wish that Tech had risen to No. 1 instead of merely No. 2. Making Alabama No. 1 seems a little silly, considering their win Saturday was over an unranked team. But they’ve got LSU up next, so who knows how long they’ll stay up there. Tech has OK State to contend with. Texas has Baylor, the doormat of the Big 12. Most years.

Tech vs Texas

Going to spend the afternoon after school with Mr. B. in finishing his Pinewood Derby car for next weekend’s race, but meanwhile I keep wondering if the Red Raiders will roll over the Longhorns tomorrow. Probably not, unless Texas plays the game the way they did the first three quarters last week against Okie State. With this 2007 Texas team you never can be sure, as BON points out: "Same as last week: who knows?"