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Cotton Bowl-bound

The first time I saw Jeven Snead in person was when Mr. Boy’s cub scout troop was invited to a Longhorns football practice back in 2006. Snead looked taller than Colt McCoy, to whom JS seemed doomed to play backup forever, and I got the feeling that, in line with the rumors of the time, he wouldn’t be satisfied with that for long. So I was not surprised when he jumped ship for Ole Miss. Nor, given his high school performance in Stephenville, that he’s done well there.

Snead to Ole Miss

Jevan Snead, the tall, blonde former freshman Texas QB who almost saved the Longhorns against Kansas State when redshirt-freshman QB Colt McCoy was injured and left the game in the first quarter, has committed to play for the University of Mississippi. I guess we can be happy he at least won’t be playing in the Big 12, since he’s good enough to pose a threat. Strange kid, in a way. You’d think he’d have been willing to gamble on riding the bench a while longer, considering Colt was injured twice in the same way–pinched nerve–in back to back games and isn’t certain for the Horns’ bowl game. Transferring means Snead’ll have another year of ildness, sitting out all of the Rebels’ games in 2007 under NCAA rules.

No joke

Aggies won it, 12-7. Best on the ground, best through the air, best on defense. We’ll just have to hope that Colt is not seriously injured. Or, if he is, that Jevan can grow into the job next year. This year is over for the Longhorns, except for whatever bowl bid they get. The Alamo, maybe? More like the Cotton or the Gator.

Texas at Kansas State

The unthinkable finally happened and the Tuscola Kid looks to be injured, or at least he’s been out of the game for several drives. Jevan Snead, his backup, still getting into the rhythm of the offense with K State ahead 21-14. The Horns’ season could be on the line here.

UPDATE  It was. Texas lost 45-42. I’ll always believe it was Colt’s injury taking him out of the game that caused it, even though Jevan tried hard and was at times impressive. But he hadn’t played since the Sam Houston State game and he turned in only mediocre passing (13 for 30) and minus 3 yards rushing. Texas fumbles and miscues played a part, as well. But K State always plays hard, and this year it was enough. 

Cubs cheer Horns

The Tiger Cubs finally made their appointment with the Texas Longhorns at D-K Royal Memorial Stadium this afternoon, after being rained out three weeks in a row. Young, assistant coaches led cubs and parents in cheers (Texas…Fight!) and syncopated handclapping (I had forgotten all this, not having been in fan seating since college). I have preferred to watch college football on television, with the sound off–in favor of the Longhorns Sports Network on radio–so as to avoid the talking heads who seldom seem to talk about the teams but only themselves.

So we got to see Colt McCoy up close ("Look, Dad, it’s number twelve, Colt McCoy"), on the sidelines in front of us warming up with 10-yard passes. He’s only about two inches shorter than Vince but he looks smaller. Colt’s backup, Jevan Snead, who was also before us warming up, is more Vince’s size, but Colt’s sure made the most of himself so far. So much we have started seeing news items about Jevan’s alleged plans to transfer somewhere he can get more playing time. Colt waited a year as Vince’s understudy. Will Jevan?

What most impressed me about these young men, and the rest of the team we also saw (star kicker Ryan Bailey, running backs Jamal Charles and Selvin Young, and receivers Billy Pittman and Limas Sweed) was their ease with their bodies and the football. On the sidelines, none of the receivers even moved. They just opened their hands and caught the well-aimed ball. On the field, the receivers were fluid motion. Colt bounces a football, once, off its pointed end on the turf, like a basketball, without any apparant concentration, a little trick he probably learned as a middle-schooler, this football coach’s son has played for so long.

Mr. Boy asked plenty of questions but got bored quickly and finally wanted to leave because the sun was down behind the stadium, and we were cold. He said on the way home that he still prefers basketball. I have seen his six-year-old dedication at the plaground, shooting baskets one after another for up to twenty minutes at a stretch. Hitting about a third of them when he stands real close to the adult-height hoop.

I like the Tuscola Kid, but not so much his information management. The "it’s all about the team" soundbites he’s learned to ply the microphones with, are becoming tiresome. Candor, Colt. Just a tad. Vince had candor, still does, as he QB’s the Tennesee Titans. Colt sounds like a robot sometimes.

Longhorns redux

The Horns are favored by a whopping amount over lowly Rice today at 5 p.m. at Reliant Stadium in Houston, despite the drubbing Ohio State gave Texas last Saturday. We’ll have a chance to see (ESPN2) the Tuscola Kid again, and maybe his backup, the (Jevan) "Snead in need." If he’s needed. Rice has beaten the Horns, but rarely, and not for a long time. I want the Horns to win decisively, but I hope Rice puts up a good fight.

Given that their offensive co-ordinator is none other than my old favorite Horns QB Major Applewhite, Rice certainly will try to fight. 

I’ll see if I can get my friend, Chuck Adams, a diehard Buckeyes fan in Jacksonville, Florida, to update us on their game. If Colt McCoy (the Tuscola Kid) keeps improving, and the Buckeyes do well, the Horns might just find themselves playing their nemesis again this season. 

UPDATE Cincinnatti put points up against the Buckeyes, to lose 37 to 7, and Rice finally found the end zone in the fourth quarter, but losing to the Horns 52 to 7 is hardly a good fight.