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Winner of the Garland cartoon contest


Juan Williams accused Pamela Geller of causing the deaths of two people in Texas… This was after two Islamic terrorists linked to ISIS were shot dead outside a cartoon drawing contest.”

Mr. Williams and his cronies, including Little Barry in the White House, would prefer we all kept quiet. So, like Mo Atta told the passengers on 9/11, we’ll be okay. Me, I think Ms Geller is to be congratulated for ridding the planet of two scumbags.

The cartoon is by Bosch Fawstin, the winner of Geller’s cartoon drawing contest. Which lured the scum to their deaths, which Mr. Williams wants us to mourn.

Via Gateway Pundit & The Volokh Conspiracy & Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Turns out there was some confusion by the Volokh Conspiracy (whom I copied here) over which of Fawstin’s cartoons won the prize. The above is not the actual winner, which is here, though I think the above is much the better of the two.

John Bolton on Barry, et al

Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugged does a very nice thirty-minute interview (in three segments) with former Bush admin foreign policy/UN guy John Bolton. I was surprised to learn that the guy whose toughness at the dictator’s club always impressed me started out his political career supporting Barry Goldwater. I did not then do any more than stick an AU H20 sticker on my motor bike. But I shared JB’s enthusiasm for the man whose political efforts led to President Reagan. Worth your time.