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Winner of the Garland cartoon contest


Juan Williams accused Pamela Geller of causing the deaths of two people in Texas… This was after two Islamic terrorists linked to ISIS were shot dead outside a cartoon drawing contest.”

Mr. Williams and his cronies, including Little Barry in the White House, would prefer we all kept quiet. So, like Mo Atta told the passengers on 9/11, we’ll be okay. Me, I think Ms Geller is to be congratulated for ridding the planet of two scumbags.

The cartoon is by Bosch Fawstin, the winner of Geller’s cartoon drawing contest. Which lured the scum to their deaths, which Mr. Williams wants us to mourn.

Via Gateway Pundit & The Volokh Conspiracy & Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Turns out there was some confusion by the Volokh Conspiracy (whom I copied here) over which of Fawstin’s cartoons won the prize. The above is not the actual winner, which is here, though I think the above is much the better of the two.

Bloggers may lose First Amendment protections

Depending on how the next Texas court defines “nonmedia,” that is. The Texas Court of Appeals for the Second District (Dallas), seems to be saying if you’re not part of the institutional media, it will be easier for plaintiffs to win a libel judgement against you.

“…this is an unfortunate result, and also requires Texas courts to now decide who counts as ‘media’ for First Amendment purposes. Do book authors qualify? Filmmakers? Academics? Bloggers? (Does it matter whether they make money blogging? Whether they blog on The Washington Post site, even if they are not newspaper employees?)”

I learned to be wary of libel when I was a newspaperman. Hence I try to reserve my criticisms here for obvious public figures, like the Worm, Godzillary and Joey Hairplugs. Take on a small-town mayor, however, one who is not wellknown beyond his jurisdiction and you might run afoul of this new ruling. Not to mention criticizing a private citizen with less-than-temperate language—which would have been true even before the ruling.

Via The Volokh Conspiracy

Westin: A hotel chain that needs boycotting

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles is set to host a boycott of Israeli academics by the American Studies Association, a group of college professors who study American history and culture. As such the hotel chain is poised to violate California’s civil rights laws pertaining to public accommodations such as hotel and restaurants.

The ASA, meanwhile, is turning linguistic somersaults trying to pretend it will not actually deny Israeli participation at its upcoming November conference at the hotel. The group, which has been censured by more than 250 American colleges and universities for its Israeli boycott, is claiming that it is only boycotting Israeli academic institutions, not individuals, and so long as individuals don’t claim to be representing those institutions, hey, they won’t be denied participation in the conference.

The twisted logic has succeeded in confusing the Jerusalem Post, but the law professors of the Washington Post blog the Volokh Conspiracy are not amused: “Per the ASA’s recently adopted policy, Israeli academics will be subject to unique exclusionary restrictions based on their national origin.”

The American Center for Law & Justice, meanwhile, is threatening to sue the hotel chain for violation of the California civil rights law, which is in essence a restatement of the landmark federal 1964 Civil Rights Act which ended legal segregation on the basis of race or national origin. A simpler, less expensive action would be to encourage everyone to refuse to do business with the Westin hotel chain so long as it plays at discrimination in its hosting policy.

Via The Volokh Conspiracy.