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With friends like these…


Oops. Somebody didn’t get the memo. Note the fireplace.

Via Doug Ross @ Journal.

UPDATE: The story inside the mag isn’t any nicer. It’s about time.

MORE:  Cobb sees in Baby Barry’s thin-skinned reaction a turning point in his campaign.

INDEED:  When BB went world touring, the New Yorker was kicked off the plane. Heh.

Farmers on the dole

Nevermind "windfall profits" tax for Big Oil. Watch the Dems help Big Corn suck it up:

"Since the last farm bill in 2002, the price of cotton is up 105%, soybeans 164%, corn 169% and wheat 256%. Yet when Mr. Bush proposed the genuine change of limiting farm welfare to those earning less than $200,000 a year, he was laughed out of town. The bill purports to limit subsidies to those earning a mere $750,000, but loopholes and spousal qualifications make it closer to $2.5 million. As Barack Obama likes to say, it’s time Washington worked for ‘the middle class,’ which apparently includes millionaire corn and sugar farmers."

Now that’s change we can’t really believe in, Barry–so why don’t you stop being so cynical?

No honorary for Wright

The official reason is timid, about what you’d expect from a university in these PC "diversity" days, but it’s the right thing for Northwestern (the onetime "Fighting Methodists") to do, denying an honorary theology degree to Barry’s apparently now former spiritual mentor after his rude, conspiricist and racist circus at the National Press Club this week.

Barry’s pastor

The Rev. God damn America is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Why, the foulmouthed, conspiracy theorist S.O.B. is appearing Monday at the National Press Club. Just can’t keep a bad man down. As for the North Carolina GOP attack ad on Barry’s pathetic pastor, which McCain and the national GOP are so exercised about, it looks as typical to me as it does to Mickey Kaus at Slate–unless you think Barry deserves special treatment for some reason. Because of his color, maybe? The NYTimes does. They call the ad "race-baiting." But, of course, that’s the NYTimes, the Leftist house organ. Get over it.

MORE: Save your own and the Dems’ humiliation: Drop Out Barry. 

Barry and the reverend

Barry may get the nomination, sure enough. But I doubt he can survive Rev. Wright who is fast becoming Rev. Wrong. When you lie down with racist bigots, Barry, you get up with fleas.

MORE: Cobb does a great job, in this post and the comments, of explaining why there are Rev. Wrights in the black church and why they aren’t patriotic or even equality-minded, stands that may have a place among their parishioners (in what’s been called Sunday morning’s "most segregated hour") but aren’t going to play to patriots furious over Wright’s "God damn America" line. And they will vote against Barry in the general election, unless he can find a way to explain. Which seems unlikely to me. This sure doesn’t look like enough.

It’s Rezkorama!

Who needs the MSM? All we need is the Chicago news media and the blogs. Damage control, Barry, damage control.

The eight-year-old scandal

So what is the NYTimes up to? Bashing McCain for something that happened eight years ago, now, before he’s even nominated? Why not wait until, say, October? Could it be they want to give Huckabee a better chance, figuring Barry (or even Hilarity) will have a better chance against the Huckster than McCain? For once I agree with CNN: it seems this is more a story about the NYTimes than it is about McCain.

UPDATE:  The fact that the NYTimes offered NO PROOF for its assertion that McCain actually had an affair with a female lobbyist didn’t stop the Associated Press from picking up the story and expanding it for its clients. In addition to having no accuracy, they obviously have no shame.