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It’s the character, stupid

I remain in the minority, it seems, who doubt that Hillarity can win election to the presidency, even if she has a lock on the Dem nomination. That’s not a surprise. After all, they nominated Kerry. But here’s one example of why Billary is unlikely to appeal to a sufficient number of Americans. She’s too slick by half.

The Berger Report

If there ever was a clear demonstration that the political elite are different from you and me, this is it, the pdf of the Inspector General’s 41-page report on the theft of national security documents by Sandy Berger, Big Bill’s former national security adviser, for which Berger pled guilty. You and me would go to prison for doing something like that. But not ole Sandy.

Pajamas Media’s Richard Miniter says there yet may be undiscovered gold in the report. Check it out.