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Bench-clearing in football?

Seen it in baseball, sure, but college football? Any football? But somehow, with the whole Baylor team on the Texas sidelines, only Texas gets a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Weird.

Nice to see Texas at 17-0, but it can’t last. Can it? Naw. Not this season.

UPDATE: Welll… At the half it’s Texas 20, Baylor nothing. Lots of Baylor penalties and lost yardage, turnovers, field-goal kickers missing, and losing their QB early on to injury, to be replaced by a guy who can’t pass very well (sort of like Tyrone, actually), has kept the Bears off the board. This can’t last. Can it?

MORE:  Well, it did and it didn’t. Texas got the upset 23-17, sure enough, but they managed only 3 points in the whole second half. It’s more likely that fate had it in for Baylor than that Texas proved to be a better team than we thought. They got lucky, while Baylor’s luck ran out.