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The suicidal American left

More from the Z Man (after thanking JD for cluing me in to this guy) on the perils of the Dim attempt to change the electoral vote:

“The truth is, the Left in America is a cult, a suicide cult, that seeks to pull down the support beams of society so the roof collapses on all of us.”

They want a civil war, it seems, which is typically thoughtless of them since about 99 percent of them are unarmed. A “velvet revolution” maybe? Not here, not now. More like blood in the streets of Washington, D.C. and certain cities in California. We won’t fight each other and we know where they live.

“The absurdity of the Russian hacking claims should be enough to put this story to bed long ago, but the media is run by the Cult so they are pumping air into this story every day….The Clinton people were desperate to get their scandals out of the news so they made up the Russian hacking stuff…the public does notice that the people in charge are unwilling to abide by their own rules. To some degree, that is why Trump won the election.”

That’s what “drain the swamp” was all about. Even taking a few truckloads of the Ruling Class’s piss and poop out of it will be salutary for the rest of us. I’m betting, for instance, that our good governor Rick Perry is going to be turning out the lights at the Department of Energy. Ms. DeVos may do the same at the Department of Education. Hence the Cult’s frantic effort to overturn the rule of election law, as they already did with law enforcement at the DOJ and the FBI to save the Hildabitch’s fat butt.

“The number one duty of every ruling elite is to maintain public support of the system that props up the ruling elite. Progressive attempts to kick the legs out from under the system could eventually work. The fact that they will be the first ones sent to the gallows does not seem to bother them. In fact, they probably long for it.”

Indeed, that’s what cults do. They long to follow a Jim Jones and drink the Kool Aid. Good luck, suckers!