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Want more bad economy? You know what to do

“With mischief like these regulations in mind, Mitt Romney said at the second debate, ‘I talk to small business across the country. They say, ‘We feel like we’re under attack from our own government.’ Denying that Obama is hostile to business, Democrats insist that his infamous taunt ‘You didn’t build that’ has to be taken in context. I agree. The context is his presidency.”

Go on, suckers, give him a second term

His war on coal, alone, already is set to kick us all over the cliff, killing many more jobs, hiking electric bills sky-high for families and businesses already struggling with the Obama Depression and even endangering the stability of the electric grid. All in the discredited name of global warming. Yeah, this dishonest creature deserves a second term. You bet.

The Obama Depression

“So what went wrong? All the available Keynesian levers for achieving economic growth have been pulled, yet the recovery is one of the weakest since World War II. The problem lies with the way the ‘stimulus’ was carried out, the uncertainty of looming higher taxes, and the antibusiness rhetoric and regulatory strong-arming of this administration.”

Barry/Barack engineered it from the start and continues to stoke it. Cretin.

UPDATE:  Spengler: “If we don’t eject the most anti-business president in American history, we will look not like Europe, but like Spain” with its 25 percent unemployment.