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Want more bad economy? You know what to do

“With mischief like these regulations in mind, Mitt Romney said at the second debate, ‘I talk to small business across the country. They say, ‘We feel like we’re under attack from our own government.’ Denying that Obama is hostile to business, Democrats insist that his infamous taunt ‘You didn’t build that’ has to be taken in context. I agree. The context is his presidency.”

You didn’t build that

This line really has got to be Obozo’s greatest hit. A meme with a future, as we hope Obozo’s soon will be limited to private life because of it. What a genius. One’s inner truth will out.

The private vs public economies

“Barack Obama is explicitly seeking a mandate to make the public economy pre-eminent. That is the unmistakable meaning of ‘You didn’t build that.’ His opponent so far is talking about, but not seeking a mandate for, the [private] economy. One expects that in time Mitt Romney will seek a mandate equal to Mr. Obama’s.”

Mittens had better. If the elephants don’t at least take back the Senate and keep the House, our goose is cooked. Greece, here we come.

UPDATE:  In other words, considering how corrupt the federal government (i.e. the public economy) really is, the choice between Obozo and Mittens is between crony capitalism and genuine competition.

You Didn’t Build That

What a doofus. Our socialist-in-chief keeps ringing in the anti-capitalist zingers while the economy continues south and Mittens keeps snapping them up for campaign use.

We really should re-elect Obozo for comic relief. Help the Repubs take the Congress back so they can spend four years investigating his three-ring clown act. Start by impeaching AG Holder and go from there.

If we can’t have a prosperous economy again (looks like it’s moved waaay north and what’s left may even get seriously worse with the big new taxes due to kick in on New Year’s), at least we can have a few laughs. Maybe even catch Obozo smoking dope in the White House, which you just know that he does.

Monica and Bill’s Oval Office trysts were just the Democrats’ warmup act. How ’bout those Egyptians, reportedly yelling “Monica!” at Hilarity as they threw shoes and tomatoes at her motorcade. They know a cuckold when they see one. Heh.

UPDATE:  I love it when pols shoot themselves in the foot, especially when the dolt is Obozo. He blew his foot off. He’s gone in for surgery (I was quoted “out of context”) but it’s too late. Even small business folks are furious. Congratulations, you loser.

MORE:  Turns out Obozo “didn’t build that” speech, either. He STOLE  it from a Berkeley professor who advised the Occupy Wall Street movement. Figures.