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How Felonia Lost

Via Jenn Imperato on Twitter

The disappearing wiretaps

What the NYTimes reported existing on Jan. 20, it now reports never existed—weird, huh? (Photo via Arthur Schwartz on Twitter.)

The Democrats in a nut shell


Via Twitter

Anti-social media

Certainly looks accurate to me. I can’t stand these trendy time-wasters.

Via The Demotivators.

UPDATE:  Facebook, alone, could cost you money and reputation.

The Taliban uses Twitter

Heh. Well, it is a social medium, is it not? Or, in this case, an anti-social one.

And—as is happening a lot these days—three of their Florida fans are now in the clink.

Iran’s green revolution

If such it be. We can only hope. Instapundit’s flag is green. Popular Science mag has links to following it all in near-real time, mostly via Twitter (you’ll need a free registration) and Facebook (likewise) and others.

Swine time

While Twitter’s no-context modus lends itself to enhancing panic, Google’s swine flu map does the opposite. It shows that, so far, much of the "worry" is overblown. Not quite as much as it was in 1976, but still close.

Via Slashdot.