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Have to laugh to see that Rasmussen has a poll out showing 55 percent of “fans” expect Bama to win tonight at the Rose Bowl. I laugh because that was almost exactly the prediction level in 2006 when Texas played USC for the national championship and won. Then, people would say, Texas would be nothing without QB Vince Young. Now they say the same about QB Colt McCoy who they expect will be corraled by the Bama defense. I expect (as I did in 2006) that Texas will win it, but, again, it will be close. It’ll be a defensive struggle most of the way.

UPDATE:  Well, with McCoy apparently out of the game with an injured passing shoulder, Texas is down 18 points at the half, 24-6. Texas was looking great before Colt got hurt. But the Texas defense is not stopping the Alabama run. So, even if backup QB Garrett Gilbert was completing some of the passes he has overthrown or the Texas receivers were not dropping the few good ones, Bama might still be well ahead. Hard to see a way, frankly, that Texas can win it now, without a big improvement of their defense in the second half.

FINAL:  I don’t feel so bad with the 37-21 loss to Alabama. The Texas defense held them scoreless for 29 minutes in the second half while the offense pulled within 3. Then Bama created a fumble and got a pick and scored on both. Game over. It shows that Texas might have won if McCoy had not been knocked out. Funny thing about him, though. He is by far the most injury-prone QB Texas has ever had.

Titans win in overtime, 27-24

Nice to see Vince & Co. on a roll to the playoffs after a dismal beginning under QB Kerry Collins.

Vince is back

The 2005 champion Longhorn was back tonight when the Titans took down Houston 20 to 17. VY’s shifty running on third downs for consecutive first downs, and his long passes were spectacular. That, combined with the determined rushing of RB Chris Johnson, gave the Titans an electric combo. Not to mention kicker Rob Brionas’ big leg. Vince is now 4-0 as the Titans’ starter with, surely, more team wins to come.

Is Vince back? Maybe, maybe not

After the Titans’ second third consecutive win Sunday:

"Pairing Chris Johnson and Vince Young in the same backfield is turning into a very potent combination."Associated Press

"Vince Young is still Vince Young — an inconsistent performer who is at best a second-string quarterback in the NFL."Scout.com

Anyhow, it’s nice to see them talking about you again, VY. Good luck.

Vince, we hardly knew ye

Vince Young, injured and depressed at being booed when he throws an interception, seems to be a different fellow than the one who won a national title for the Longhorns in 2005–after throwing more than a few interceptions.

Now he’s talking of suicide and carrying a gun in the glove compartment of his car. Even with Chris Sims (Chris Sims!) to mentor him now he seems to be having second thoughts about the NFL, possibly because of all the pressure: the hits, the fans, the coaches, all the relatives with their hands in his pockets. Hey, Vince, you can always come back to Austin and sell cars.

Titans to the playoffs

Beating the Colts 16 to 10 did it, and Vince’s right quad injury apparently ain’t serious. Good on ya, VY!


He’s struggling this season, they say. Not unusual for a young quarterback in his second season in the NFL, they say. But, despite interceptions and fumbles, the former Longhorn is looking good, holding the Titans in a 10-6 lead over the New York Jets and a shot at the playoffs. Good luck VY!

UPDATE: They did it! Now, on to Indiandapolis, an altogether tougher proposition. But who knows?