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The anti-Semites of the Dictator’s Club

It starts at the top of the “democracy of tyrants,” aka the United Nations, where the Security Council now wants to erase 65 years and force Israel to negotiate peace based on the 1949 armistice lines.

This comes after Secretary-General Ban Ki moon decided to investigate Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza while noticeably ignoring Gaza’s rocketeers’ crimes and a host of other, more likely (even obvious) culprits:

There is virtually nothing else that the United Nations seems to do.  No war-crimes investigations in Syria (110,000 191,000 murdered, some by poison gas and chemicals) or in Iraq, where Christians are getting crucified by ISIL and Al Qaeda thugs and cutthroats, even as other Christians are being exiled from their homes of a thousand years on pain of death.

“No war-crimes peeks around eastern Ukraine to figure out who murdered the passengers aboard a simple civilian airliner and then would not even allow Dutch officials to access the corpses of the slaughtered.  Rather, another farcical search for blood in matzah, four months since last Pesach and eight months before the next.”

That last is a reference to the medieval “blood libel” of the anti-Semites, who periodically (and increasingly, lately) charge that children are being purposely slain by the bloodthirsty Jews. The matzah part is there, it just isn’t reported.

The Security Council’s and Ban Ki Ludicrous’s concern is obvious. And it ain’t got nothing to do with the Arabs of Gaza,  Judea or Samaria. Is it any wonder the UN has lost the respect of most fair-minded people?

Via Arutz Sheva.

UPDATE:  The “progressive” British newspaper The Independent calls Israel a “child-murdering community.” Of Hamas’ use of children as human shields, of course, they say nothing.

Guilty of war crimes? Consider the UN

Not only did the Dictator’s Club (aka the UN) allow Hamas to store its rockets and other arms in the DC’s so-called schools and medical clinics, but it seems to have supplied the cement used in shoring up the walls of the attack tunnels.

So when the DC (odd how that abbreviation matches another one that seems to prefer Hamas to Israel) calls for investigation of alleged Israeli “war crimes,” it’s obvious whom the probe also needs to include—if not focus on entirely.

Via Simply Jews.

UPDATE: The “handmaiden of Hamas.”