Guilty of war crimes? Consider the UN

Not only did the Dictator’s Club (aka the UN) allow Hamas to store its rockets and other arms in the DC’s so-called schools and medical clinics, but it seems to have supplied the cement used in shoring up the walls of the attack tunnels.

So when the DC (odd how that abbreviation matches another one that seems to prefer Hamas to Israel) calls for investigation of alleged Israeli “war crimes,” it’s obvious whom the probe also needs to include—if not focus on entirely.

Via Simply Jews.

UPDATE: The “handmaiden of Hamas.”

2 responses to “Guilty of war crimes? Consider the UN

  1. It hasn’t been too long ago that I was hearing (and agreeing with) “Out of the UN!” seems like every day. Now, that it is an even more helpless organization, more, harmful, hurtful, wrong-sided, idiotic, corrupt, organization, I don’t hear it that much. Wonder why?

  2. I suppose people got tired of protesting something that was obviously never going to change. Sort of like the drug war. This time, however, the deep-pockets boys seem to have exposed themselves to winnable lawsuits from the families of some of the dead, particularly the IDF dead.