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AP discovers YouTube

For some reason they think they can put stuff on YouTube but then ban even one of their paid subscribers from linking or embedding it. Rotsa ruck, dumbos. I knew most of the print dinosaurs didn’t understand the Web. They’re still in denial. But I didn’t think they were this schtoopid.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Must have finally checked with their lawyers. AP apologizes to the subscriber.

You can’t pop corn with cell phones

Whew. That’s a relief. I was taken in by this idea from a YouTube clip some high school chums were passing around. Then I passed it on in conversation on our trip last week to California. I’ve since emailed the correction to those folks, and will post the link here to the refutation (and explanation) by the American Chemical Society’s Chemical & Engineering News for anyone else who has also been taken in by the trick video.

Richard Candelaria: Dogfight

A flurry of visits this morning of fourteen folks from all over the country suddenly doing searches on Texas World War II fighter ace Richard Candelaria got me wondering if he was in the news or something. Couldn’t find anything about that, but did find some cool YouTube clips from the History Channel of interviews with him and animation to explain a couple of his dogfights with German fighters. Here and here.

Google’s censors

The Seablogger says he feels dirty everytime he uses Google now. LGF notes the search giant’s latest political move, leaving up anti-Semitic videos on YouTube but taking down a reasoned anti-Jihadi speech by Robert Spencer at Dartmouth–who has a link to the video elsewhere, though I must say it’s of remarkably poor quality and so echoey it’s hard to understand his words. These kinds of games can kill a business, even one as big as Google–the fifth most valuable corporation in the U.S. with a market value of $217 billion. Me, I’m making it a point to use other search engines, such as Yahoo, Ask, and MSN.

Public Affairs Iraq

Multi-National Force Iraq has a new YouTube connection that’s worth a periodic look for new videos.

Via Badgers Forward